ALERT: Marty Harbin Introduces KEY Legislation for Kids and Faith

February 6

Faith-based adoption agencies provide a critical service by placing children in loving homes. Motivated by their faith, they show life is truly cherished.

But, they face a grave threat that would compel many to shut their doors here in Georgia and is keeping many others from even coming to our state.

Increasingly, governments are forcing these critical agencies to violate their faith – undermining their reason for existence. And, in our state, we have not passed legislation that will protect against such gross overreach.

That’s why Sen. Marty Harbin’s SB 368 is so critical. It ensures that these adoption agencies will never be forced to violate their written statements of faith.

We strongly support this bill. It protects the First Amendment, honors birthmothers, preserves options to meet the needs of children, and empowers more loving families to welcome children into their homes.

This legislation was just introduced, but we believe it will be assigned to the Judiciary Committee when the Senate reconvenes on February 18th. Please reach out to the senators on the committee to encourage them to support this pro-family bill:

Chairman Jesse Stone (404) 463-1314

Bill Cowsert (404) 463-1366

Blake Tillery (404) 656-0089

Bill Heath (404) 656-3943

Harold Jones (404) 463-3942

John Kennedy (404) 656-0045

William Ligon (404) 463-1383

Elena Parent (404) 656-5109

Brian Strickland (404) 656-7454

Already, opponents of this legislation are spinning a false narrative that this is discriminatory. That is FALSE. This bill prevents discrimination against those who hold to sincere beliefs – discrimination that would make it impossible for these agencies to continue providing their vital services.

Stand firm and take action today to support our faith-based adoption agencies!

To Victory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director