Family Policy Alliance of Georgia Endorses Rep. John Carson

February 7

While our pro-family legislators fight for us at the Capitol this legislative session, we cannot afford to forget that they need us – they need us to get to work on their behalf in this critical election cycle.

That’s why I’m proud to endorse my good friend, Rep. John Carson.

Arguably the hardest working legislator under the Gold Dome, John Carson has earned the respect of his colleagues, is highly influential, and steadfastly works behind the scenes to advance our values.

John never wavered in support of the Heartbeat Bill, and he’s been a bold advocate for life. A devout Christian, John also works relentlessly to protect our faith, and he’s a leader on the issue of educational freedom. His diligence and work ethic are behind virtually every piece of school choice legislation that becomes law, and his care for the opportunities of Georgia students is genuine and sincere.

As a father who values educational opportunities for my kids, I’m profoundly grateful for John’s labors in this arena – one where he faces intense opposition on a regular basis.

You’ve been incredibly well-served by a pro-family, hard-working, and influential legislator who is able to deliver results for your community while unapologetically fighting for our values. Let’s keep the momentum going by re-electing Rep. John Carson!

To Victory,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


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