Your Petition Has Been Delivered to The NJ Department of Education

April 3

Let me thank you for your historic engagement in defending students from the forced indoctrination they will experience under the NJ LGBT Curriculum mandate. Government coercion to promote a post-modern sexual ethic among teens is unacceptable. In the past few months, we have gathered over 10,000 names in favor of our Opt-Out petition to present to both elected and appointed public officials.

This week, we delivered this petition both in English and Spanish to the NJ Department of Education. The bureaucrats in Trenton will not be able to dismiss individual emails and meetings with concerned parents and organizations as mere outliers against their misperceived public support of the radical LGBT agenda. New Jerseyeans from a wide range of ethnic and religious backgrounds firmly reject this oversexualization of their children. Our petition proves it!

We also want to thank those who took advantage of our Action Alert last week to submit your comments to the NJDOE concerning the NJ Learning Standards in Comprehensive Health and Physical Education (CHPE), Visual and Performing Arts (VPA), Science, Social Studies, and World Languages.

Garden State Equality’s lesson plans inject LGBT curriculum into all these subjects! Thankfully, school districts are not required to use their indoctrination program, but many will.

In an effort to further inform you of the harmful contents within Garden State Equality’s LGBTQ curriculum, we have posted two new videos on our LGBT Curriculum series on YouTube and Facebook. Please LIKE our Facebook page today to stay current on our video series! (You can also find these videos on YouTube as well.)

Video 3: LGBT Curriculum: Cultural Marxism

Video 4: LGBT Curriculum: Intersectionality

After reviewing many of the social study lesson objectives in Garden State Equality’s LGBTQ curriculum, it is quite clear that they are rooted in cultural Marxism and have the primary goal of attacking the cultural and moral underpinnings of Western Civilization – the church and family. Please take the time to watch these videos and learn more about the true political agenda disguised as inclusive instructional materials. According to Garden State Equality, their end goal is not tolerance but totalitarianism arising from the ashes of a dismantled Judeo/Christian worldview.

I am praying for you and your families during this time! Please email any prayer requests to

Together, we can make NJ better,

Shawn Hyland
Director of Advocacy