Planned Parenthood Keeps Fighting – and So Will We

April 21

If there were a fire in your house, what would you save?

It’s a timeless question, and one that’s been very relevant in COVID-19. State officials have been forced to ask, “If there were coronavirus in our state, what would stay open? What is ‘essential?’”

In some states, the answer is “abortion.” And where the state has not deemed abortion essential – requiring the clinic to close – Planned Parenthood has been loud and clear: our doors stay open.

I wrote recently about Planned Parenthood’s defiance of state orders by continuing elective abortions. At that point they were even requesting valuable personal protective equipment in Pennsylvania and California.

You may have responded to this news by supporting us in prayer or through your sacrificial giving. Thank you!

Today, I wanted to share an update. Here’s a hint: Planned Parenthood and the broader abortion lobby are doing the old one-two – but with your help we’re fighting back.

Hit #1: Lawsuits, lawsuits, and even more lawsuits.

Several state governors have correctly identified abortion as a non-essential service, requiring clinics to temporarily stop services to varying extents depending on the state.

Planned Parenthood has been swift to respond with lawsuits, teaming up with the ACLU and Center for Reproductive Rights. These three big-name abortion advocates have filed lawsuits, either together or separately, in a total of at least eight states as of this writing.

While not all cases have been decided, I am sad to report that in those that have, the abortion lobby has consistently received favorable court rulings.

As frustrating as these court decisions may be, it’s important to remember that they could be appealed, and moreover that this isn’t Planned Parenthood’s only move.  Lawsuits are just their defensive mechanism against temporary state decisions.

They also have offensive moves.

Hit #2: The fight for telehealth expansion.

Last week, Planned Parenthood put out a press release announcing that they were making telehealth available in all fifty states. Depending on the state’s laws, that could mean abortion counseling, or it could mean abortionists actually prescribing medication abortions to women during a video consultation.

In other words, Planned Parenthood is not only advocating against temporary rules that protect life, preserve medical supplies, and hurt their business model. They’re using coronavirus as an opportunity to ignore safeguards and push for a boost to their bottom line.

Like with the lawsuits, the broader abortion lobby is joining in the fight.

Several pro-abortion Attorneys General wrote to federal officials asking that they lift safeguards currently in place for the abortion pill. These safeguards—including prohibiting an abortionist from sending abortion medications directly to a woman—are meant to protect women from serious health risks in the abortion pill.

What is Family Policy Alliance doing about this?

Thanks to your generous and prayerful support,  we’re fighting back. Last month, Family Policy Alliance joined in unity with other prolife organizations to call on the Trump Administration to prevent emergency funds from going to abortionists and to maintain existing safeguards around the abortion pill. Last week, our friends from thirty-two state-based family policy groups sent a letter to federal officials that affirmed important safeguards to protect women. We will be following up with additional actions in the days to come – stay tuned!

To keep up this fight and take next steps,  we rely on the sacrificial gifts of our ministry partners. If you are able, would you consider partnering with us to stop Planned  Parenthood and build a culture of life?

The abortion lobby is relentless in its fight to increase abortions and its bottom line. But with your support, for as long they fight for abortion, we will fight for life.


Meridian Baldacci
Policy & Communications Strategist