BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance Endorses Dan Johnston for North Dakota State Treasurer

April 27

Each legislative session I have the privilege to know and work with many different legislators. Of our state’s legislators, there are those who generally vote against family values, those who typically vote for them, and those who consistently distinguish themselves as champions for family values. Dan Johnston is one of the champions! Dan clearly loves North Dakota, has a heart for its people, is committed to his family, loves the Lord, is boldly conservative, and desires to make a difference.

In the time Dan has been in the North Dakota House of Representatives, he has sponsored and supported legislation that has removed outdated and unnecessary regulation from our laws, cut wasteful spending, protected our Bill of Rights, and protected the unborn. In fact, Dan sponsored the bill to require notification of potential chemical abortion reversal to mothers seeking an abortion – the landmark piece of pro-life legislation coming out of the 2019 session.

On fiscal matters, Dan is clearly a conservative, funding governmental programs that need it, but also not avoiding his duty to cut waste in Bismarck and across the state. He has a lifetime 88% rating by the American Conservative Union and is the only candidate in this race who opposed the effort to abolish the Treasurer’s office and transfer its functions to an unelected bureaucracy. Finally, Dan’s education backs up his credentials, with Bachelor’s degrees in Accounting and Religion and a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Public Administration.

As a true conservative and Christian, Dan Johnston has proven time and again that he is a champion for all North Dakota families. In a time of unprecedented upcoming state fiscal challenges, he will be the right person to help us stay true to North Dakota family values, while tackling hard financial problems head on. We’ve always been able to count on Dan to do the right thing, and I’m confident that he will steward North Dakota citizens’ money with integrity, efficiency, and accountability.

As we look toward the future of our state – one where religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and all life is cherished – Dan Johnston will continue to be a strong ally. He’ll be a strong ally for us and for the legislature, as he helps chart a financial path for our state.

I know times are crazy, and this election is certainly different. However, I’m asking you to stand with us during this time and make sure your voice is heard for Dan Johnston in the June 9th primary and general election in November!

Supporting Dan Johnston,

Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director



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