Big Abortion During & After COVID-19

June 1

Throughout the worst of the pandemic crisis, the abortion industry has worked tirelessly to put its bottom line above even public interests. At a time when America collectively took unprecedented safety measures in the interest of human life, Big Abortion defied orders, filed lawsuits, and pushed for expansions of DIY abortions – in the interest of more abortions. What happened? And where do we go from here?

To answer those questions, two of our team members authored an exposé in The Daily Signal. Check out the excerpt below and read the full article online!

How Big Abortion Has Circumnavigated State Restrictions Amid COVID-19

If there were a fire in your house, what would you save?

It’s a timeless question, and one that’s been relevant in the COVID-19 pandemic. State officials have been forced to ask: To prevent loss of life from the novel coronavirus in our state, what should stay open? What is “essential”?

As state officials asked those questions this spring, one thing became clear: Preserving lives and medical resources was the priority. Elective surgeries—including abortion—could wait.

But the big abortion industry kept going. The list of states with ban orders on elective surgeries grew, with some states explicitly clarifying that abortions were included in the list of banned surgeries. And yet, big abortion kept going.

It has the makings of an inspirational story—“a little engine that could”—except in this case, it was a well-oiled machine determined to bolster its bottom line by killing innocent children and using desperately-needed medical supplies to do it.

While COVID-19 swept the world, the abortion industry made sure to defend its bottom line and to proactively advance its agenda at every turn.

As America turns to a new phase in its pandemic response, here’s a recap on what big abortion did in the states amid the worst of COVID-19—and what to expect next.

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