BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance Endorses Diane Larson for State Senate

July 31

Over the years, I’ve met many legislators. Some I’ve gotten to know at an introductory level, others I’ve had the pleasure to work with on particular bills, and yet others I’ve been able to regard as not only legislators, but also as friends. Diane Larson is in this latter group.

Senator Diane Larson is someone who I deeply respect on many levels. She is insightful, collegial, understands the legislative processes, and most importantly, votes her values. Her strength of character makes her a valuable ally in the fight to uphold pro-life and pro-family values in North Dakota.

In addition to her personal integrity, Senator Larson serves on numerous committees, including:

  • Senate Judiciary Committee (Chair)
  • Senate Government Finance Committee
  • Senate Political Subdivisions Committee
  • North Dakota Statutory Committee
  • Capitol Grounds Planning Commission
  • Commission on Juvenile Justice
  • Court Facilities Improvement Advisory Committee

In addition to this experience, Diane served as a youth worker with the Bismarck Police Department. This, and her experience serving on juvenile councils, advisory groups, and commissions focused on juvenile justice, have uniquely qualified her on this subject.

As you can readily see, Senator Larson is in a position for significant impact in the state Senate. This is particularly true as Chair of the Judiciary Committee, where many pro-life and pro-family bills are heard each session.

Senator Diane Larson is someone who Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota can endorse without reservation. Her commitment to defending and advancing pro-life and pro-family values in our state legislature is without question.  We are confident that she will continue to serve the citizens of District 30 and indeed the whole state of North Dakota in an excellent manner and stand for biblical values in all her actions.

Supporting Diane Larson,

Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director


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