Announcing the “WINNERS” of the 2020 Donkey Awards

August 14

We asked. You voted. Now, the results are in.

Over the last two weeks, we’ve asked YOU to vote for the worst, most out of touch, and most bizarre policy moves of the year in our 2020 Donkey Awards. Your votes are in, and we’re here to announce the “award winners.” Keep reading to see if your picks received an “award!”


#5: Most Bizarre Bill: Mrs. Doubtfire

A whopping 72% of you voted for California’s “Mrs. Doubtfire” bill as the Most Bizarre Bill of 2020. If made law, this bill would allow a person who “changes their gender” to automatically have their sex marker changed on their marriage license (regardless of whether the spouse agrees with this) and their child’s birth certificate. Apparently, it doesn’t matter whether the child deserves an accurate birth certificate; it doesn’t matter that California is erasing the meaning of mother and father, husband and wife, and changing history with easily checked boxes. It reminds us a lot of the classic 90s comedy where dad becomes a stand-in “mom” (nanny). It’s bizarre indeed!


#4: Most Out of Touch: Pennies for Amazon

With another strong showing at 67% of the vote, California’s “Pennies for Amazon” bill takes the Most Out of Touch Politician “award.” Politicians in this state introduced a bill that would require all retail stores to no longer distinguish between boys’ and girls’ clothes, and boys’ and girls’ toys. This bill actually requires retailers to just mix everything up. This will just lead to busy parents spending an infuriating amount of time searching for sex-specific items, giving up, and ordering online. These Out of Touch Politicians must not have young children – or they want to raise money for Amazon?


#3: Biggest Threat on the Horizon: The Participation Trophy

Two-thirds of you voted for the federal Equality Act legislation, or the “Participation Trophy,” as the Biggest Threat on the Horizon. And we understand why. While the U.S. Constitution already ensures that everyone is equal under the law, the federal Equality Act would give special, extra privileges to people based on how they feel about their sexuality. It would force LGBT political propaganda, sexual education, taxpayer funded “gender transition surgeries for minors,” and more on the entire country. “Biggest Threat” seems appropriate!


#2: Most Dangerous New Law: The Thanos Law

This was our closest category, with just over half of you choosing the radical abortion “Thanos” laws as the Most Dangerous New Law, and the rest (44%) choosing Washington state’s radical sex education law. While both are very dangerous in their own way, we understand why the Thanos laws “won” the “title:” they, like Marvel’s Thanos, are harbingers of death for the youngest members of Vermont, New York, Rhode Island, and Illinois. All four states passed a law known as the Reproductive Health Act that ended all regulations on abortion in the state, including removing protections for babies born alive after a failed abortion and protections for women. Virginia also introduced this law but it did not pass – however, the Governor became famous for implying the law could allow babies that had already been born to be left to die.


#1: The “Are You Kidding Me?” Bill of the Year: The Cow Jumped Over the Moo–, er, the Trailer

Just for fun, here’s a bonus “award” chosen by our team: the Are you kidding me? “award” goes to a bill about cows in New Jersey. The backstory: A pregnant cow jumped off a trailer truck headed to the slaughterhouse. The cow was rescued and gave birth two days later. This isn’t fiction. In fact, the story is so real New Jerseyians named the cow Brianna and are going wild over her calf. New Jerseyans are so in love, legislators are now working to pass a bill that protects pregnant cows from slaughter. Whether this is a good idea or not, there’s a great irony: while New Jersey hustles to save a baby cow, it won’t do the same for a human baby.

BUT WAIT…the fun’s not over!

While this wraps up our 2020 Donkey “Awards,” it’s only the beginning for our Family Policy Alliance Awards. Next Friday, we’ll release the BEST of 2020 in our Family Policy Alliance All-Star Awards. We’ll be dropping hints on social media throughout the week, so stay tuned and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram if you haven’t already!

We can’t wait to share the best of 2020. Will your state be in the mix?