BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance Endorses Janne Myrdal for State Senate

August 14

I always find it exciting to discover one of the members of the legislature who is “on fire” for their beliefs. They want to earnestly make a difference and will stick to their values on key issues no matter what. Janne Myrdal is one of these legislators.

Senator Janne Myrdal is someone who will definitely leave an impression upon you. One of the first things that strikes you in talking with her is her tenacity on issues. She is truly a fighter on key legislation, including the incredibly important set of pro-family and pro-life bills. This clearly arises from her personal faith and a strong commitment to the people of North Dakota and their values.

Janne has a long history of service on key family issues. She previously worked for 12 years in missions and relief work for Youth with a Mission. In addition, Janne is the former State Director for Concerned Woman for America and continues to serve on the Board of Trustees for CWA. Senator Myrdal has been in the North Dakota legislature since 2016, and currently serves on the interim Agriculture and Transportation Committee, standing Senate Agriculture Committee as Vice Chairman, and the interim and standing Judiciary Committees.

If I would have to single out a policy area in which Senator Myrdal is an unrelenting champion, it would be pro-life causes. Janne is Chairman of the North Dakota Pro Life Caucus and she chaired the 2014 Human Life amendment to North Dakota Constitution. I’ll never forget something Janne said to me shortly after I met her. She stated, “If it’s a pro-life bill, I’ll vote for it”. She has held to her word at every turn. There is no equivocating by her on one of the most important biblical policy issues for Christians today.

Senator Janne Myrdal has been an ardent supporter of pro-family and particularly pro-life values during her time representing the constituents of District 10 in the legislature. Her work has truly advanced biblical values in the North Dakota policy arena. Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota® heartily endorses Senator Myrdal for reelection, to continue the fight to protect and advance your most deeply held values.

Supporting Janne Myrdal,

mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director



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