BREAKING: Family Policy Alliance Endorses John Albers

October 7

Your voice is heard at the State Capitol, and your interests are fought for. That’s because you have Senator John Albers in your corner.

John Albers is not a politician. He’s a businessman, firefighter, husband, father, and man of faith. He’s all about service, not prestige. He’s about doing the right thing – no matter what.

Because of his strong record of leadership, those who want to reverse course on our state’s progress – being #1 for business AND #1 for families – have made John Albers a top target.

That’s why we are proud to stand with him and endorse his campaign for re-election as he stands against those who want to transform Georgia into California.

We know John, and we trust him. He’s built a stellar voting record that aligns with the values and interests of his district, and he never wavers from standing up for what’s right. He fights for families, for more opportunity for the next generation, for safe streets, for thriving businesses, and a Georgia that leads the nation.

And, he does so with character, integrity, and winsomeness.

Always guided by his faith and his principles, John provides the open, honest, transparent, people-centered, and forward-thinking vision your district needs. He listens, and he learns. He’s a leader, and he’s respect. Moreover, he Chairs the Public Safety Committee and is the #1 advocate for our first responders!

Much of what makes Georgia special is under attack, but Senator John Albers is leading the charge to protect our way of life.

To protect our core Georgia principles – faith, family, and opportunity – we need to re-elect John Albers. This seat is going to be a battle, and it’s going to take all of us. It’s going to take a major group effort to win and to re-elect this pro-family champion.

Join us. Let’s re-elect John Albers!

Supporting John Albers,

Cole Muzio
President and Executive Director


Paid for by Family Policy Alliance of Georgia