Big Updates from the Roundhouse. Please Read and Act!

February 23

New Mexico values are under attack.

We are writing to give you an urgent update on the 2021 legislative session. You’ll find action alerts on three critical issues – to the Governor on abortion, to the House on recreational pot, and to a Senate committee on assisted suicide. Please consider taking quick action on all three through our Action Center.

Last week, SB10, the radical abortion bill, was passed in the House, 40-30. Even though we were grateful for the six Democrats who joined all but one Republican in voting against it, that wasn’t enough to stop it.

We need your help to send a message to Governor Lujan-Grisham to tell her to veto SB10.

This bill is especially appalling because of the following:

  • Evidence shows that late-term abortions in New Mexico are not “rare” as pro-abortionists claim. Documents from Southwestern Women’s Options show that over a dozen late-term healthy babies are being killed in New Mexico every day.
  • SB10 removes the only conscience protections for medical providers, taking away their rights to object to performing abortions. This is harmful to them and makes New Mexico a less desirable state for doctors to work.
  • SB10 gives more protections to the abortion industry – but takes away important rights for women. For example, women who are physically harmed during an abortion procedure are not able to take legal action to hold the abortion provider criminally accountable.
  • Under SB10, consent from the mother is not required to receive an abortion, even when escorted by an adult male. This is another reason why human trafficking is running rampant in our state. It is very easy for traffickers to take their victims to dispose of their babies so they can keep selling them for sex.

Although Governor Lujan-Grisham has historically been pro-abortion, we have the duty to remind those who are against us that we are still here and that we will continue to stand for what is right.

How do I fight back?

30 SECONDS: Tell the Governor to Veto SB 10

Other Important Bills We Are Working On:

  1. HB47, the Physician-Assisted Suicide BillStatus:Passed in the House, 39-27, on 2/19; now in a Senate committeeThere is a still a chance to defeat this bill in the Senate, but we need to send a message to the Senate Judiciary Committee to VOTE NO on HB 47. You can send a message to all nine senators in just seconds on our Action Center.CLICK HERE: Ask committee members to oppose assisted suicide!


  2. HB 12, the Recreational Marijuana Bill. This legislation is extremely dangerous Given what we have learned from other states that have legalized, it is clear that recreational pot will only aggravate the challenges we face as a state. In Colorado, for instance, marijuana-impaired driving fatalities have more than doubled and marijuana use among youth has skyrocketed.Status:The Recreational Marijuana bill has PASSED in committee and is headed to the House floorTell your representative to vote NO on recreational pot! 
  3. HB 56, the Human Trafficking Bill: This bill will provide harsher sentences for traffickers and will provide more protections for victims.Family Policy Alliance SUPPORTS this bill.Status: Passed in the House Judiciary Committee on 2/16. Watch for updates and action alerts on this bill.
  4. HB 140, Removing Mandatory Sentencing for Sex Crimes: This bill would only continue to worsen the crime epidemic in New Mexico. At a time when New Mexicans are already exhausted by our crime rates and APD is struggling to retain officers, this legislation threatens to make New Mexico a bigger haven for criminals.Status:Still in committee – to be heard on a future date.

Thank you for continuing to stand with us, friends. Thank you for standing for the sake of the vulnerable and the innocent – for taking action on behalf of the lives who will be affected by the decisions made by our government.

In His Grip,

The Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico Team