When Nobody Hears Your Voice

February 25

I recently received an email from a very trusted source that frankly scared me. It was about a bill in Congress called the Equality Act – a horrible piece of legislation that would actually increase inequality by penalizing everyday Americans for their beliefs about marriage and biological sex. However, it was not the bill itself that scared me the most. What scared me were these points:

  • Democrats will not be allowing amendments in the floor debate
  • The Capitol is fenced off, so American families can’t get to it to rally against the Equality Act
  • The mainstream media will strongly push the bill, so there’s little chance to expose what’s really in this dangerous piece of legislation

Does that scare you? It should.

It has certainly been disappointing, to say the least, that the current administration seems antithetically opposed to every value you and I hold dear. However, we all know there will always be those on the other side of every issue. What scares me is the fact that nobody will hear our voices.

We live in a free country where free speech is Constitutionally guaranteed and has been encourage over our country’s history. But things have changed. Now, those who disagree with the new social agenda, who believe in traditional life and family values, and who simply want a fair debate on issues, are being silenced. Silenced in the halls of Congress, in the public square, and in the media. I’m angry.

We are losing the heart of our country by bits and pieces. In four years it may not look anything like what it does today. Family Policy Alliance will always fight on Capitol Hill for biblical values on your behalf, but I’ll be honest, the outlook is not good. However, what we can control is that our voices will be heard in North Dakota.

North Dakotans will be heard in the halls of Bismarck. Why do you think we have bills in our legislature guaranteeing free speech on public college and university campuses, protecting our state’s Second Amendment rights, ensuring we don’t have to follow federal rules/regulations/Executive Orders contrary to the beliefs of our citizens, making sure that the Pledge of Allegiance is always allowed in our schools, and more? To appropriate Dylan Thomas, we will not “go gentle into that good night”.

So I say to you, make your voice heard! Email and call your legislators, talk to your friends and neighbors about bills, testify on key pieces of legislation, and count on us to also always be your voice when it comes to pro-life and pro-family values.

This I can tell you. Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota will not be silenced. We will not quietly acquiesce. We will not shirk from issues, mollify rather than stand for beliefs, or choose comfort over truth. Our voice – your voice – will be heard!

Thank you for all you’ve done so far this legislative session to help us move forward and make your voice heard. We deeply appreciate your prayers, responses to our Action Alerts, and financial support in being your voice. Please help us ensure that North Dakota does not become a place where, “nobody hears your voice”. I don’t ever want to tell my grandchildren that our state lost its moral bearings because I failed to speak up.

Blessings and hopes for a brighter tomorrow,

Mark Jorritsma
President and Executive Director

P.S. If you want to learn more about the Equality Act, you can watch this week’s #EqualityActExposed virtual rally here.