Urgent Alert: Contact the Governor!

April 6

A powerful bill protecting live babies has passed the Legislature! Senate File 34 (Born-Alive-Infant Means of Care) is an important bill that affirms a simple truth: babies born alive after an attempted abortion deserve the same right to medical care as any other infant.

Last year, a similar bill passed with supermajorities in both houses of the legislature, yet the Governor vetoed the bill at the last minute.

This year, the bill was slightly modified and resubmitted as Senate File 34 (Born Alive Infant-Means of Care). It passed with even more votes than last year!

This year, 26 of 30 Senators and 48 of 60 Representatives voted to pass the bill. This was a gain of 3 votes in the Senate and 4 votes in the House of Representatives.

But now we need your support. We need you to email the Governor of Wyoming and ask him to endorse Senate file 34 (Born Alive-Infant Means of Care). It only takes a minute at our Action Center. Click here to send a message now!

Let’s make sure that this time, the bill becomes law.

Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming’s mission is and will always be to defend the lives of the most vulnerable among us. We will continue to advance citizenship where life is cherished, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive, and God is honored.

Thank you to every state legislator and the numerous people from across Wyoming who worked tirelessly on this legislation. Last year’s veto only showed us even more the need for us to stand alongside and partner with elected officials that also choose to defend the lives of the most vulnerable. And now, we prayerfully hope that with your help the Governor will choose to sign this bill. Please send the Governor a message today.


Thank you for standing with us!

Nathan Winters
Executive Director


P.S. Now is the time to contact the Governor. Please do so today! After you’ve sent him a message, you can also call him at (307) 777-7434.