6 Successes from the 2021 Legislative Session

April 15

Those who stand for a state where families thrive, religious freedom flourishes, and life is cherished have 6 reasons to rejoice after the legislative session ended.  Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming tracked 20 separate pieces of legislation, both good and bad, through the Legislative session this year. Thankfully, most of the damaging legislation was stopped and 6 bills have received their final signature from the Governor. One bill still remains on the Governor’s desk awaiting his endorsement.

Bill Number Subject FPA-WY Position Status of the Bill (Committee)
HB 085 Unlawful Dissemination of Intimate Image For SIGNED BY GOVERNOR
HB 253 University of Wyoming-ban on funding for abortions For SIGNED BY GOVERNOR
SF 034 Born Alive-Infant Means of Care For SIGNED BY GOVERNOR
SF 087 Voyeurism Amendments For SIGNED BY GOVERNOR
SF 096 Homicide Amendments For SIGNED BY GOVERNOR
SF 130 Charter Schools For Governor’s Desk


The session was very successful, and it has been wonderful to watch a number of new legislators stand strong for biblical values. In the coming weeks we will provide you details of how the legislators stood on Life, Liberty and Family Values.

Thank you again for your support and it is a blessing to partner together to encourage the historic values that made our nation great in the halls of Wyoming government.


Nathan Winters
Executive Director