What Happened at the Supreme Court

December 10

Bustling energy. That’s what it felt like outside the Supreme Court last week while the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case was being debated inside the chamber. Last Wednesday, this case questioned the Mississippi law that bans abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

Our FPA team members were joined by hundreds of other pro-lifers who feel the exact same way. We loved seeing pregnant mothers, their children, young women, fathers, and countless others being the voice for the voiceless

We were all there united in the fight for life!

Just the day before, The Federalist wrote an exclusive on our After Roe campaign. Meridian Baldacci, director of strategy for Family Policy Alliance, told The Federalist: “No matter what happens with Dobbs, we are confident of two things. Roe’s time is short, and pro-lifers across the country need to prepare for that coming reality now… But a reversal of Roe by the Supreme Court would not automatically outlaw abortion across the country, either.”

Craig DeRoche, CEO of
Family Policy
interviews Cathi Herrod,

President of Center for
Arizona Policy.

If Roe is overturned, most legal experts agree that states would decide if they are pro-life or pro-death.

At Family Policy Alliance, we are grateful to host an alliance of family policy councils in states around the country who are already on the ground fighting for life. Many of those allies were able to join us at the Supreme Court, and we streamed live interviews with our President Craig DeRoche about what would happen in those states if Roe were overturned. You can still watch those interviews here!

If the Supreme Court overturns Roe and returns the regulation of abortion back to all 50 states, what does my state look like in a post-Roe world? We have an interactive map with state-by-state information for you. Check out what your state would look like here!

Meridian Baldacci interviewed with MSNBC, doing an incredible job covering our After Roe campaign and discussing FPA’s mission. This network is not well known for its friendliness towards conservative voices, but they did interview with us. However, they never aired it. Based off of their news coverage last week, they were more interested in covering the abortion industry’s side than ours.

We were excited to see Fox News run a story covering our After Roe campaign and pro-life efforts of our allies across the movement. Read here: If Roe v. Wade is overturned, here’s what happens.

Our President Craig DeRoche said to Fox News: “Family Policy Alliance, together with family policy councils across the nation, stands ready to compete with the abortion industry — and win! — for every precious life.”While pro-lifers were waving signs like “Equality begins in the womb,” “Life is a Human Right,” and “Overturn Roe,” the abortion industry passed out these small abortion pill boxes. It was as if they were passing out candy. Inside was a QR code that leads to information falsely stating that these chemical abortion pills are “safe, effective.” The site goes on to say, “you can order pills to have on hand before you’re even pregnant,” and they’re “widely available for about $100.” Young children were walking around the Supreme Court holding onto these boxes, not knowing the serious harm these chemical abortion drugs bring to women across the country.

As aggressive as the pro-abortionists were, pro-lifers far outnumbered the abortionists at the Supreme Court last week. For example, Liberty University, a Christian college in Virginia, sent over 900 students and Concerned Women for America, a conservative pro-women organization, brought over 1,000 women. We were able to interview with people on both sides of this life debate, and it was encouraging to see such a courageous young generation standing for life.

Watch this video to hear directly from them HERE:

At the end of the day, here’s our After Roe vision: 50 pro-life states. We can’t do this without our allies and without you! It takes a village. Pictured here you’ll find President of the March for Life Jeanne Mancini and our very own FPA Vice President of Education Amanda Banks. Both of these women have fought tirelessly for life. Amanda is raising her own family while fighting for family values at FPA. She made the time to be a huge support for our team last week at the Supreme Court, and we are incredibly thankful for her.

Jeanne heads up the March for Life, which will take place Friday, January 21, 2022. Every year, thousands of young people show up and march across D.C. – standing for life! Find more information here about the March for Life if you would like to get involved.

After 49 horrific years, we are prepared for Roe’s reign of terror to end. Our FPA team members continue to show up in big ways like they did last week at the Supreme Court. We all share the same vision, the same mission, and the same strong desire to see a pro-life America.Thank you for what you’re doing in your corner of the country to promote life!

Learn more about AfterRoe here: www.AfterRoe.comCaroline Woods


Caroline Woods
Family Policy Alliance

P.S. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention today’s win at the Supreme Court! The Court is allowing a groundbreaking Texas law to continuing saving lives. Learn more here.