Good News and Bad News About Girls’ Sports in Indiana

January 25

Dear Friends,

We have good news and a request for your urgent help.

The good news is that the Indiana House Education Committee has approved HB 1041, a bill to protect girls’ sports in Indiana. The bad news is that the bill includes a glaring omission – it fails to protect women in college sports.

We need your help to change that.

In recent weeks, we have seen the stories about an Ivy League man dominating women’s swimming events. He has illegitimately broken women’s records and taken the place of deserving women on the winners’ platform. According to some reports, parents are now concerned for their daughters’ sports scholarships and educational opportunities. It is a travesty and one which we need to prevent from happening in Indiana.

Very soon, the full Indiana House will consider HB 1041, and we need you to send a message to your representative today urging that HB 1041 be amended to ensure womens’ rights are protected and that female collegiate athletes will not have to compete against men in Indiana.

Let’s ensure the playing field is level for ALL girls’ sports.  Discrimination against girls in the name of social activism has no place in Indiana. Send a message to your representative today requesting an amendment to this bill to include protection for women in college sports – it only takes a moment in our Action Center.

Now is the time to speak up to support all Hoosier girls.

Sincerely,John Paulton Headshot 3-2020
John Paulton Signature
John Paulton
Vice President of State Alliances

P.S. For further updates, be sure to connect with our friends and allies at Indiana Family Institute. They are in the halls of the state capitol working on your behalf!