Woke DC Forecast: Storm Clouds on the Horizon

February 1

If you’re watching Woke DC, it may seem like every day is cloudy with new attacks on common sense, the Constitution, conscience rights, and more.

From nearly a hundred bills in Congress containing “Equality Act” language, to rules promoting abortion, to federal election takeover attempts, the left is pressuring every system to comply with their agenda—every chance they get.

And while that might seem like bad news, it really means that YOU are turning the tide! Your quick response successfully stopped Chuck Schumer’s attempt to break the filibuster rules in the Senate. The federal election overhaul was frozen on its fast-track (again). And don’t forget, last year you stopped the Equality Act in the Senate! Those are important victories!

These recent pro-family wins are why the Left is now urging Congress to recognize the so-called “Equal Rights Amendment” as the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The Equal Rights Amendment was passed by Congress in the early 70s. But before the ERA could become an official amendment to the Constitution, it needed to be ratified (approved) by 38 states before the year 1982.

That didn’t happen.

At this point in our history, the ERA would likely be used to codify a so-called “right to abortion” (in the likely event Roe is overturned), and advance radical ideas about gender in every part of federal law.

This is not your grandmother’s ERA. It’s not about equality or women’s rights. Under the Left’s new definitions of “sex and gender, any man can be a woman—anytime, anyplace, and at any cost. This means the Equal Rights Amendment— originally intended for women— could be used to allow men into women’s locker rooms, restrooms, prisons, scholarships, sports teams, and even shelters for victims of sexual assault—without question.

The Left is also trying to introduce these radical gender policies through the Biden administrative state. For instance, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is trying to force healthcare plans to cover elective “gender transition services.”

Our team submitted a comment on behalf of pro-family Americans like you, opposing this radical rule that you can read here.

The Left knows that families are winning across the nation. These desperate attempts from DC to impose radical ideas are due in large part to the fact that you helped stop the Equality Act last year. And they know their time is short as the midterm election looms on the horizon.

Keep raising your voice. It is truly making a difference.

Nicole Hudgens
Government Affairs