The Good, the Bad, and the Great

February 11


As we head into the weekend, we wanted to share a quick update on what’s happening in “Woke D.C.” and beyond—because you and many other pro-family Americans continue to make your voices heard:

The Good News

  • The House will take two weeks off from voting on Pelosi’s woke agenda.
  • ICYMI: South Dakota became the 10th state to save girls’ sports!
    • 1 in 5 states now have laws ensuring girls’ sports are just for girls.
    • Want to learn more about issues in your state? Connect with your family policy council here!
  • A new report from the Texas Department of Health has revealed that the Heartbeat Law in that state—which continues to survive one legal challenge after another—has reduced the number of abortions by about 60 percent. That’s about 90 babies’ lives saved each day!

The Bad News

  • The Biden Administration announced their plan to create a database of federal employees’ religious beliefs.
    • Senator Lankford (OK), Senator Scott (FL), and 40 Members of Congress are seeking answers.
  • The Department of Health and Human Services recently created the “Reproductive Healthcare Access Task Force.” This task force is charged with:
    • Promoting abortion access through the Department’s policies, research, and programs.
    • Countering the record-breaking number of pro-life laws in the states (While these ongoing efforts to counter pro-life laws is certainly alarming, it’s extremely good news that there are so many new life-affirming laws that have been passed in the states in the first place—laws that wouldn’t be possible without you.)
  • H.R. 4521 the America C.O.M.P.E.T.E.S Act, passed the House.
    • 221 Democrats and 1 Republican voted for the bill.
    • Instead helping the American economy compete with nations like China, this legislation is a Trojan horse containing elements of:
      • The so-called “Build Back Better Act”
      • Critical race theory
      • Climate change
      • Equality Act language to promote LGBT ideology
    • Stay tuned for more updates on this legislation.
  • H.R. 3485, The Global Respect Act, passed the House.
    • 221 Democrats and 6 Republicans voted for the bill.
    • This bill uses broad language that could allow the Biden Administration to revoke or deny entry to the U.S. for foreign individuals, like pastors, who do not agree with radical gender ideology.
    • The bill has been sent to the Senate, where it will likely be harder for the bill to pass.

While we are still seeing bad news coming from D.C., here’s the GREAT news: YOUR continued engagement is making a difference! With state legislatures in session and elections just around the corner, we’ll continue to help you make your voice heard to your elected officials at the right time. Stay tuned for more updates!

For Family and Freedom,Nicole Hudgens
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