She needs our help.

February 16

A young girl says she feels like she was born in the wrong body: she “knows” that she is actually a boy.

When she visits a therapist or another medical professional, she may be referred for radical, experimental, and life-altering “treatments.” This could include using medication off-label in order to stop the natural progression of puberty. As she enters adolescence, she could be placed on cross-sex hormones and even (eventually) referred for surgeries including a double mastectomy.

In some states, these referrals may happen without her parent’s knowledge, much less consent. And wherever they happen, there’s a deeper problem: No amount of surgeries or hormones will heal a hurting heart. In fact, these “treatments” are likely to leave behind scars both physical and emotional.

Yet in most states, there is no law specifically protecting her as a minor – a child – from these sorts of interventions.

We want to change that.

Last spring, Arkansas became the first state to legally protect minors from harmful gender transition procedures. Tennessee also passed a version of these protections in 2021.

Now, it’s time for other states to follow suit. Our vision is that this kind of dangerous intervention would become unthinkable across the United States – and at the same time, that hurting children would be able to receive real help and counseling to help them live as healthy and whole people.

In short, it’s a vision for help, not harm.

But our opposition is determined. From the Biden Administration in Washington to leaders at the local school level, activists want to guide children toward questioning their biology and pursuing transgender interventions.

Protecting our children will take every one of us.

So what can you do?

  1. Get the facts.At Family Policy Alliance, we’ve created several resources to equip you. Each of the links below provides you with a unique way to learn more. Just click the links that best describe your interests.I want to learn… 
  2. Contact your elected officials.Your elected leaders need to hear that you stand behind them when they protect children – and that you’re paying attention when they don’t. We encourage you to contact them with the message that you want them to protect minors from transgender interventions. You can find your elected officials’ contact information here.Stay tuned to FPA’s email alerts for opportunities to weigh in on specific legislation in your state legislature and Congress.
  3. Get involved in your state.One way you can get involved is with the family policy council standing for families right in your state. Find yours here. Don’t see your state listed? Let us know if you are interested in helping to start one in your state.

One thing is crystal clear: a child who believes she must alter her body in order to be comfortable in it is a child who is deeply hurting.

The last thing we should do? Hurt her even more.

Will you help us protect children?


Meridian Baldacci
Director of Strategy

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