The “Onslaught” is Here

March 2

Last night, President Biden delivered his first State of the Union address. While much of the speech focused on Ukraine and the economy, one brief section stood out to me.

In the matter of just a couple minutes, the president expressed concern that Roe v. Wade is being threatened (thanks to you!) and called for passage of the Equality Act (because you helped stop it once already!).

Then he said this: The onslaught of state laws targeting transgender Americans and their families is simply wrong.”

What exactly is this “onslaught” that is “wrong”? The laws Biden is referring to are about protecting kids and their families.

What’s wrong is letting boys and men win girls’ and women’s championships, scholarship opportunities, and potentially even career opportunities simply because biologically advantaged males were allowed to compete against them.

What’s wrong is telling a child who is deeply hurting that hormones and surgeries will help them become their true selves,, and affirming the idea that to be themselves they must radically alter their body.

The new laws stopping these things from happening are, in fact, some of the best legislation to come out of the states in the last couple years, right alongside groundbreaking pro-life legislation and other key efforts.

This “onslaught” is actually a parent-driven movement to protect children and help families thrive. And with each message to your lawmakers, each time you share the truth, each time you engage – you are saving and protecting vulnerable children and babies.

So what is my takeaway from Biden’s comments in the State of our Union?

Americans – you and I – need to keep pushing back against Washington’s woke agenda.

Here are 5 things Americans should do after Biden’s address:

  1. Join the fight to end abortion in your state.

    The president made it clear that he is concerned about the future of Roe v. Wade – as he should be. Roe could soon be overturned, and at that point it will likely be up to each state to determine the fate of their unborn children. Want to help end abortion in your state? Visit
  2. Offer hurting kids help, not harm.
    While President Biden may be concerned about an “onslaught,” only two states currently have laws explicitly designed to protect kids from the harm of transgender interventions. We hope to add more to the list – even this year. To learn how you can help, visit and watch our Help Not Harm Summit.
  3. Protect girls and women and the opportunities afforded them.
    Ten states have laws protecting female athletes – and more are currently working to protect these athletes. Wondering if your state is involved in this effort, or other efforts to protect women and girls? Find your state’s family policy council here, and connect with them to find out how you can help!
  4. Stop the Equality Act (again).If it became law, the federal Equality Act would let men win women’s sports championships, allow men into women’s locker rooms, close the doors of faith-based foster and adoption agencies, and silence all of us who disagree. Thankfully, you helped stop this bill last year – and we know we can do it again together. Learn more here.
  5. Pray for our nation’s leaders.
    Ultimately, we know that we serve a powerful and good God who wants to hear our requests, and calls us to pray for our leaders. If you want to receive periodic updates on how to pray, sign up for our “Under God, One Nation” prayer alerts.

You are making a difference – so much so that it came up in the State of the Union address.

So please keep up the good fight, don’t grow weary in well-doing, and stand firm in Him!

Standing with you,

Meridian Baldacci
Director, Strategy


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