Save Girls’ Sports and Save Lives Too!

March 11

Your help is needed to save girls’ sports in Rhode Island! Read below for more detail – or take action now!

The Guidance for Rhode Island Schools on minors experiencing “Gender Dysphoria” is life-threatening and needs to change. In RI schools, minor children cannot receive any kind of counseling that might steer them “away” from the transgender or gay lifestyle.

Presently, to do so is illegal and punishable by fines and loss of license. Only counseling that affirms their choice is permitted. That may ultimately be life-threatening because the suicide rate for transitioning youth is at nearly 20 percent according to a long-term follow-up study conducted in Sweden.

Nationally, the transgender craze has affected girls’ sports, and it will eventually affect us here in Rhode Island unless we stop it. A few years ago, I, along with a group of parents, expressed our concerns at a public hearing. We were concerned about the fairness of boys competing with girls. We were also concerned about boys who think they are girls, being allowed to shower with girls who really are girls.

The Commissioner’s response was that Title IX covered trans kids and totally ignored the issue of the girls’ safety. Now we see nationally that transgender girls (boys who think they are girls) are taking away the titles, trophies and scholarships from girls who really are girls. (Confused yet?). Ironically, the original reason for Title IX was to protect girls’ sports for girls!

The oft-repeated mantra in support for the ban on counseling is, “If you don’t affirm their transgender identity, they will commit suicide.” But, the tragic truth is that among those who go through with so-called “sex reassignment” surgery, in the long run they face a suicide rate 20 times that of comparable peers. By contrast, when not pushed to pursue transition, 80%-95% of children with gender dysphoria will grow up to accept their biological sex.

Let’s not surrender our values or our children. Watching this interview of a young girl by Leslie Stahl on 60 minutes will motivate you. It broke my heart, and it will do the same for you also!

We at Family Policy Alliance know that our children are too important to lose, and with prayer and perseverance we can turn this around. To that end, Sen. Elaine Morgan has re-introduced “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act” (S 2501), a bill drafted by Family Policy Alliance to protect girls’ sports in RI from being taken over by the transgender movement. Please TAKE ACTION and tell your legislator to pass this bill to save girls’ sports.

Recently, Iowa became the eleventh state to enact legislation prohibiting transgender girls and women from participating on female sports teams from kindergarten through college. Let’s make Rhode Island the twelfth state! Tell your legislator to vote YES on S 2501, the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act to save girls’ sports in Rhode Island – and save lives at the same time.

For Faith and Family in the Ocean State,

Dave Aucoin
Chairman, Board of Directors – Rhode Island