Gov. Murphy is not budging on his budget

March 31

Governor Murphy released his administration’s proposed 2023 fiscal year budget on March 8. This annual responsibility kicks off numerous Senate and Assembly Budget Committee hearings throughout March, April, and May as your elected legislators debate the priorities and allocations of your money. The legislature must approve the final budget before the new fiscal year begins on July 1.

“The budget I propose today continues the work of the past four years – restoring fiscal responsibility, promoting economic growth, and making New Jersey stronger, fairer, and more affordable for our families and seniors,” said Governor Murphy.

 I asked myself, “who can be against such a lofty goal of taxation and spending?” Immediately, one thing came to my mind – The FACTS!

  •  Spending is up 41% since Gov. Murphy took office! Yet, the state currently has $4.6 billion in surplus due to better-than-expected revenue and leftover COVID funds. Why not give this surplus back to the people who paid it – you! We must keep in mind, if the state increases spending on taxpayer-funded programs and services this year because of unanticipated leftover funds, it will have to increase taxes in the future to maintain these spending levels.
  • The proposed $48.9 billion is an increase of 5% since last year. Why does the state government not put a cap on their tax-and-spend polices, as they put a 2% cap on local municipalities years ago to get property taxes under control? The government has a role to play in funding law enforcement, education, and common-good efforts to help those facing food or housing insecurity. However, unlike our federal government, the state must meet its financial obligations, as it cannot print more money. Therefore, the state budget must be responsibly constrained.
  • NOTE: According to NJ Spotlight News; “Ten years ago, New Jersey’s governor at the time, Chris Christie, used his line-item veto powers to keep total state spending under $30 billion after lawmakers sought to increase the budget by nearly $1 billion. But last week, current Gov. Phil Murphy signed a new state budget that included all the Legislature’s proposed add-ons, pushing total spending to a record high of $46.4 billion.” Now that is out of control spending!
  • Abortion funding once again becomes a high priority for this administration. Categorized as “Family Planning Services” in the state budget, the Big Abortion industry giant Planned Parenthood and other abortion centers will once again receive $19.5 million.

It has been said – budgets are moral documents. Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey, along with our prolife coalition partners, urge our state legislators to use the money confiscated from private citizens to protect life, not destroy it.

Fighting for your families here in the Garden State!

Len Deo