Momentous Week: Behind the Scenes with Your FPA Team

May 6

On Monday at 8:32 p.m., Politico published the draft opinion that shook the world.

Family Policy Alliance team members, in Colorado and scattered around the nation, were mostly at home with their families. But within minutes, they were off and running – and have hardly slowed down since.

Here’s a quick and very abbreviated look at what your support made possible in this momentous week:

  • Team members quickly formulated a response to the leak for social media and the press—and shared that with our state allies
  • By 11 p.m. Eastern, as WORLD magazine reported, we were hosting a Twitter Space meeting for state and national pro-life leaders
  • Updated and began the next phase in FPA’s signature pro-life initiative,
  • Worked in our leadership role with a national coalition of pro-life organizations on a coordinated response
  • Began a steady stream of interviews with news media that are continuing; coverage has included USA TODAY, Fox News, TIME Magazine and other state, national and even international outlets
  • Drafted (or co-drafted) four different articles or op-eds for media outlets
  • Prepared AfterRoe response sheets and messaging for U.S. Senators and House members – in collaboration with state Family Policy Councils
  • Appeared live on FPA Facebook and Instagram 24 hours after the leak to talk with FPA’s followers
  • Revised and updated a summer training on AfterRoe planned for state policy leaders and Statesmen (primarily state legislators)
  • Surveyed state policy leaders on biggest needs in an AfterRoe nation
  • Sent “special edition” Statesmen Academy Alumni Newsletter on the Dobbs leak and related resources from FPA and the national coalition
  • Planned a webinar for Family Policy Councils, Statesmen alumni and other pro-life state leaders and legislators for next week to provide in depth training on the Dobbs case, its implications, and how our movement can effectively respond
  • Began preparation for opposing the Democrats’ new version of the Abortion on Demand Act, following Sen. Schumer’s announcement of his plans
  • Co-wrote, edited and designed a major visionary analysis of what a world After Roe could look like; stay tuned to read
  • Released a line of AfterRoe merchandise—check it out here as you prepare for the overturn of Roe

That’s a lot – and you did it through your support of Family Policy Alliance.

Of course, other issues didn’t stop. In the meantime, we were still busy on things like the Biden Administration’s Title IX rule on “gender identity” and an HHS proposal to force coverage of transgender procedures – plus continuing state legislative battles.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for making this vital work possible! If you’d like to invest in our work next week and beyond, we’d be grateful. May God bless our continued work together.


John Paulton
Vice President, State Alliances