URGENT: Tell your Senator to STOP Abortion-on-Demand!

May 11

Since the recent U.S. Supreme Court opinion leak indicated Roe v. Wade could be overturned, the left is desperately working to pass abortion-on-demand legislation before the Court rules.

TODAY, Chuck Schumer is bringing S. 4132, an abortion-on-demand bill, to a vote on the Senate floor. If passed S. 4132 would allow abortion-on-demand in every state- up until birth- and override state pro-life laws.

Tell your Senator to VOTE NO on S. 4132!

If enacted, S. 4132 would:

  • Allow an abortion at any point in pregnancy—including late-term abortions.
  • Override current life-saving state laws like heartbeat protections, dismemberment abortion bans, and sex-, race-, and disability-selective abortion bans.
  • Override current state laws that require in-person counseling to help prevent coerced abortions.
  • Override current state laws that require abortionists to give women information about their babies and abortion complications.
  • Override life-saving restrictions on abortion-inducing drugs.
  • Deny the truth that mothers are women.

Tell your Senator to reject abortion-on-demand and to stand for our first American value—the right to life.

Tell your Senator to VOTE NO on S. 4132!

For Life,

NIcole Hudgens
Government Affairs