And now it begins…

June 24

Maybe you’ve heard the amazing news.

As of 10:11 ET this morning, babies in America have a fighting chance.

After nearly 50 years, the Supreme Court finally overturned its travesty of Roe v. Wade!

This for certain is a moment to celebrate, to thank God – and also to thank you for your support and co-labors that have helped make this historic moment possible.

But this is not the end of the abortion battles. Truly, now it begins.

Like before, it will be a state-by-state battle. But now the stakes are much higher. With no court decision standing in the way, abortion can actually be ended state-by-state.

As the pro-abortion Left’s antics today show, they are going all-out to defeat pro-life candidates and stop every attempt to end abortion in the states. Already, pro-abortion ballot measures are popping up, and the fight for the control of state legislatures may be the most intense we’ve ever seen.

Will you stand with Family Policy Alliance as we go toe-to-toe to protect life?

Your gift today will help support pro-life candidates and defend life at every turn, working strategically with our network of allies at the state level.

Thank you, on this historic day, for standing for life!


Carig DeRoche
President & CEO