Bad News Biden

August 1

In 2021, after President Biden was sworn into office, he made his top priorities crystal clear: implement the LGBT agenda in every federal agency and advance extreme pro-abortion policies. He even signed two Executive Orders on these priorities within his first week of office.

And yet, promoting abortion-on-demand and the LGBT agenda stand in stark contrast to what Americans actually need and care about.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what has happened just this year alone.


Real America
Families  return from Christmas break and the National March for Life. They waited to see the promised “unity” from the Biden Administration.

Biden’s Woke DC
So much for unity. The Biden Administration proposed a mandate requiring insurance companies to cover transgender surgeries and hormones- including for children. And Americans would be forced to pay for it.


Real America
Though beholden to the bounds of Roe v. Wade, pro-life advocates fought to protect women and preborn children in state legislatures from the increasingly extreme demands of the abortion industry.

Biden’s Woke DC
Biden’s nominee for the FDA Commissioner, Dr. Robert Califf, was confirmed. Califf is notorious for rubber-stamping abortion industry demands and severely undermining the reporting and safety requirements on chemical abortion—even though it is four times riskier than surgical abortion. Under his leadership, unsafe mail-order abortion remains a dangerous threat to women and preborn children across the country.

 Too much bad news? Keep reading to the end! There’s still hope.


Real America
Parents, through their elected state leaders, passed multiple laws to save girls’ sports (now in 18 states!), protect parental rights, and protect children from gender theory in their classrooms and doctors’ offices.

Biden’s Woke DC
In response, the Biden Administration had a complete meltdown, flew the transgender flag from the White House, called parents who believe girls’ sports should be for girls “extreme,” and used the presidency to criticize states passing these laws.

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Real America
Americans watched job numbers drop and parents’ fears increased over baby formula shortages.

Biden’s Woke DC
The Senate Judiciary Committee interviewed Biden’s nominee to the nation’s highest Court, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. Judge Jackson told the Committee she could not define “woman” because she is “not a biologist.”


Real America
Americans increasingly faced (and continue to face) high gas prices and food shortages.

Biden’s Woke DC
President Biden blamed Russia for the gas prices and food shortages. Then he threatened to take away school lunches for needy children if their schools don’t comply with his LGBT agenda.


Real America
America celebrated the overturn of Roe v. Wade, finally giving Americans through their elected leaders the full freedom to protect innocent lives. America also celebrated 50 years of Title IX, the federal civil rights law ensuring that women have equal access to educational and athletic opportunities with men.

Biden’s Woke DC
The Biden Administration called for abortion-on-demand up to birth, keeping America in the top 7 most extreme nations on abortion—right on par with North Korea and China. They also turned Title IX on its head to allow any man who self-identifies as a woman to take advantage of that law.

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Real America
Americans hurt at the pump as gas reached an all-time record high and a recession hit.

Biden’s Woke DC
Nancy Pelosi’s House prioritized a bill to ensure polygamists can legally be married.

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But that’s not all. Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services just announced their newest proposed rule forcing healthcare providers to perform abortions. The rule also mandates “gender transitions” for children—even if the healthcare provider doesn’t believe it to be best for the child in their professional judgment.

But there’s good news!

Roe v. Wade has been overturned. Parents are testifying at school board meetings to protect their children from being indoctrinated with sexualized content and policies. And athletes and their families are saving girls’ sports across the country.

And here’s more good news: the White House is actually behind schedule in implementing its radical agenda. Why? Because Americans like you are standing up, speaking out, and fighting back. Your constant prayers, comments opposing the Biden Administration’s rules, and contacts to Congress are making the difference!

The one thing Biden has gotten right is realizing that the upcoming November elections matter.

Parents are rising up from San Francisco to Virginia, a movement we saw in the last election and expect to see more of this coming fall. Will you be a part of the movement?

We have the opportunity to have a national victory to protect pro-life and pro-family policies at the federal, state, and local levels. And this victory can stop Biden’s radical agenda in its tracks.

At Family Policy Alliance, we’re ready to win. Will you join us?

For family,

Nicole Hudgens
Government Affairs