Governor Murphy threatens to force schools to impose his agenda

August 4

In New Jersey, parents always have and always will have a say in their child’s education, which includes opting their child out of any health lesson that they would rather discuss in the privacy of their own home. Any proposed educational content that is not age-appropriate should be immediately revised by local officials.”

Governor Phil Murphy, April 13, 2022

I was immediately dismissive when I first heard of Governor Murphy’s politically motivated pause button this past April. Those of us involved in the battle for the soul of New Jersey’s children knew it was a media pump fake to distract and give false hope to outraged parents. This reactive and deceptive notion that he would consider revising the new Sex Ed Standards was his way of bringing down the temperature in the heated debate that exploded when graphic lesson plans developed by Advocates for Youth became public.

Governor Murphy delegated the Commissioner of Education, Angelica Allen-McMillan, to review the learning standards. She took little time before reinforcing the NJ Department of Education’s position – schools must teach the new age-inappropriate sex-ed standards. Her comments insulted parents because she believes it is a “disservice and actively harmful to deny our students” government-indoctrinated sexual awareness at 5-7 years old.

Parents, did you catch that? If you don’t sexualize your children when they are learning to tie their shoes, you are the one harming them! … And she is the person in charge of all public schools in our state! Unbelievable!

Two weeks ago, the NJ Department of Education said that districts that ignore the new standards “will be penalized for instruction and program in the appropriate curricular area” and that “the severity of the ramifications could vary.”

Governor Murphy, what happened to parents having a say in their child’s education?

  • To our knowledge, the only penalty for not meeting a learning standard is a 4-point deduction on what is called a QSAC score. This is a self-evaluation and monitoring system for NJ public schools. If a school district loses 20 points, they would be placed on probation by the state. In other words, if they refuse to teach methods of masturbation to 5th graders and anal sex to middle schoolers, they will lose 4 points. We urge schools to take the deduction to fulfil their responsibility to protect the children in their community.

We are thankful once again, that Senator Steve Oroho (R), the Senate Minority Leader, is leading the charge to push back against the Murphy Administration’s Sex Ed agenda. Learn more about what Senator Oroho and many Republican senators are doing to fight for your children.

Click here: Oroho Says Gov. Murphy Has Been Gaslighting Parents on Sex Education Standards

Then, former gubernatorial candidate in 2021 and potential candidate for Governor in 2025 Jack Ciattarelli published an editorial column on August 2:

Click here: CIATTARELLI: When Is the Right Time For Our Youngest Students To Learn About Sex?

Friends, our work is heating up as more and more parents find out about the egregious curriculum that the public schools will be promoting this fall. The School Boards do NOT have to do this. BUT they will not take a stand without pressure from parents. I encourage you to share your objections with your local school board, as elected officials speak up for your common-sense values in Trenton and in the media.

Together, we will fight for our families,

Len Deo