America’s greatest family resort undermined by school board

August 31

Ocean City, NJ, is known as America’s greatest family resort. It has deep historic Christian roots and continues to be served by strong and healthy, vibrant churches. Ocean City Tabernacle hosts regional conferences and Christian concerts for south Jersey residents and those enjoying the beautiful Jersey Shore during the summer months.

For over a year, parents and pastors have been organized, vocal, and steadfast in opposing the radical gender ideology being imposed in elementary classes. Sadly, the local school board is currently made up of a slight majority of members who are out-of-touch with the values and priorities of the Ocean City community. Last week, parents and education stakeholders once again made their opposition known to the Ocean City school board regarding the dangerous and unsafe, sexually explicit NJ state learning standards.

  • Cape May County Commissioner, E. Marie Hayes, publicly spoke out against the standards at the meeting.
  • Ocean City Councilman, Tom Rotondi, publicly spoke out against the standards at the meeting.
  • The school board was notified that the Cape May County Board of Commissioners passed their own Parents Bill of Rights.

Are you ready for this blatant disregard for proper procedures and ethical public service? After twice going into a backroom “executive session” and making parents wait for more than two hours, the school board voted to adopt and teach these new standards by a slim margin of 6-5. Who was the deciding vote? A brand new (and unelected) school board member, Ryan Leonard – who was just sworn in that night! He is temporarily serving as an appointed member, filling in until the next election in November.

It used to be said “elections have consequences,” but now the consequences are being felt before the elections!

Local residents are demanding that the board reconsider this vote at their next scheduled meeting.

“It was the most liberal position the Ocean City Board has taken in the past few years. Unfortunately, it is evident that our board would rather represent the interests of the NJEA, Governor Murphy and those who are advancing a “so-called” social justice agenda in our schools. Clearly, Ocean City’s Board of Education no longer reflects our town’s conservative, Judeo-Christian values.” Ocean City Alliance for Sensible Education.

Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey assisted some of the parents with information and facts prior to their testimony last week, and we have been in constant contact with more local Ocean City parent leaders since the vote. We will be monitoring and helping these local heroes in their godly work to protect children from the unaccountable and unelected bureaucrats at the NJ Department of Education and even in their school board.

Together, we will fight for our families,

Len Deo