California Wants Your Kids

September 23

California lawmakers want to kidnap your kids.

A recently-passed bill, SB 107, would allow California to kidnap kids from around the nation to perform gender “transitions” on them.

If a girl in Ohio, for example, had parents who wisely did not want her to go on testosterone, California might take custody of that girl and give her testosterone in California.

All that stands in the way of that reality? A governor’s signature.

Join us TODAY for a critical discussion about this dangerous bill, what you can do to help stop it, and what it will mean for YOUR family if it goes into law.

California Wants Your Kids
A Conversation with Jonathan Keller

Friday, September 23
11:30 am ET / 10:30 am CT / 9:30 am MT / 8:30 am PT

Live on Facebook, YouTube, and right here

Join us as our CEO Craig DeRoche talks with Jonathan Keller, President of California Family Council (our state ally in California). Jonathan has led the charge against SB 107 in his state, and is calling on parents around the nation to take a stand.

Jonathan Keller is President of California Family Council, Family Policy Alliance’s state ally in the Golden State. Prior to joining California Family Council, Jonathan led at Right to Life of California. In his two decades of experience in the pro-family space, Jonathan has been a part of many key battles in California, and has become a familiar voice for leaders across the country.

If this bill becomes law, it will be an unprecedented challenge to parental rights from one state to the rest of the nation. Come join us to learn more about this urgent threat.

We’ll see you soon on Facebook, YouTube, or our website! (Seeing this late? You can still watch at the same links!)


Meridian Baldacci
Director, Strategy


P.S. If you haven’t already, click here to sign our open letter to Governor Gavin Newsom.