Thanksgiving Blessings!

November 23

Thanksgiving blessings from the Family Policy Alliance and Family Policy Foundation family to yours!

There is no doubt, 2022 has been a challenging and turbulent time in our nation. A time when it is easy to be frustrated by failures and losses that the media and our leaders dwell upon. But for us, today is a time to be thankful. We pray you have the opportunity this Thanksgiving to reflect on God’s goodness and the endless blessings our Lord has bestowed on all of us.

FPA and FPF are beyond thankful for the huge steps forward we took for our Mission this year, and the opportunities we now have today and for the coming years. We thank God for the historic overturn of Roe v. Wade, conservatives gaining control of the House of Representatives to serve as goalies blocking the worst of DC’s wokeism, the growing Statesman Academy for elected leaders, and the introduction and facilitation of the new School Board Academy.  We are thankful that abortion is already greatly curtailed in 12 states, and hope to gain several more in the coming year.. We are grateful that we won more school board seats in this election than we have ever seen, even in the blue states.

Most of all, we are thankful to you and the thousands of supporters and allies across the country working to advance God-honoring policies. Without your support, we wouldn’t have the chance to serve the Lord in our Mission as we do. You are the one who makes our work possible in support of the alliances we serve in DC and in forty states. You supported our education programs for elected officials so they can stand with their values in public office. You shaped national policy with campaigns like Save Girls Sports, Help Not Harm, and AfterRoe. We are so grateful to you. Thank you!

Thank you for your prayers, support, advocacy, and willingness to fight for what is right!

Please keep us in your prayers and please consider a special prayer that the impending marriage bill in the Senate is not moved forward. We are both praying and doing all we can, even this weekend, to preserve, protect and honor marriage in America.

God bless you and keep you this Thanksgiving!

Craig DeRoche
President & CEO