Let Their Lights Shine

December 22

God spoke and out of darkness, there was light.

The theme of light reflects throughout the Bible. The Father of Lights was there in Genesis at the very beginning. His Son, the Light of the World, was born during the darkest of times with a star lighting the way to Him. And it’s there all the way to Revelation with Jesus’ face shining like the sun and His eyes like fire at the triumphant end.

This is why I believe it’s no mistake that in His grand design, there is a flash of light at the moment of conception when a new life is created. Scientists first observed the “spark of life” in humans in 2016 and have marveled at what it could mean ever since.

In His amazing creativity, He thought to give the creation of new life—even hidden away in the safety of the mother’s womb—a spark of light.

That knowledge gives new meaning to “let your  light shine,” doesn’t it?

In this incredible year with all the challenges our nation has faced, we saw Roe v. Wade overturned and around half of the states taking strong steps to protect life. Those states are paving the way for tiny souls, made in the image of the Father of Lights, to not only have the spark of life at their creation, but the chance to shine their light in the world.

Yet we know that roughly the other half of our states are moving in the opposite direction—using the power of government to attempt to snuff out even more of those little lights before they have the chance to really shine.

So, our simple message this season of lights is let their lights shine.

We rejoice with thanksgiving at the overturn of Roe, but the evil of abortion is nowhere close to being eradicated from the United States. We will not rest until the light of life burns brightly and every life made in the image of God is cherished.

This Christmastime, let the beauty of the lights remind you of the first moment of a new life, just as God designed. We pray you will join us in our mission to see abortion made unthinkable, every mother and baby supported and cherished, and every human life valued all the way to natural death.

May God lead our nation out of darkness and may He let their lights shine!

Merry Christmas,

Craig DeRoche,
President & CEO