TAKE ACTION: Pharmacies to Become Abortion Providers

January 6, 2023

The Biden Administration’s FDA announced on Tuesday that abortion pills can now be dispensed at pharmacies across the United States, and we need you to speak up.

Click here to notify two of the nation’s leading pharmacies and several of the nation’s largest grocery chains of your concerns.

While millions of women all over the country are being told these drugs are safe to take at home, away from medical supervision, we know that the exact opposite is true.

The truth is that women who use abortion pills are 50 percent more likely to visit an ER than with a surgical abortion.As of June 2022, there were sadly 28 reported maternal deaths and over 4,200 reported adverse effects, including hemorrhaging and infections. And, of course, these pills end the life of the precious child in the womb.

How do these pills work?
Since Mifepristone’s approval in 2000, women take two-doses to end a pregnancy for any reason up to 10 weeks gestation. The first dose starves the unborn child of hormones needed to develop, which kills the child, and the second dose causes the child to be expelled from the uterus. According to the FDA, two to seven women out of 100 have to return to a medical facility for a surgical procedure to remove the unborn child if the pills are unsuccessful.

Pharmaceutical drugs are intended to make us whole and assist with pain, not to electively end the life of a valuable, growing person in the womb. The FDA has again sadly put politics over the health of women, and it will be up to pharmacies, physicians, and elected leaders to reject these setbacks on safety.

What can you do about it?
Family Policy Alliance is urging readers to contact some of our nation’s largest pharmacies and grocers to let them know you do NOT want them to apply to be a part of the FDA’s scheme to push dangerous abortion pills on women. CVS and Walgreens have regrettably already indicated they plan to apply to carry these pills where state laws allow and they need to hear from you.

Additionally, please share this message with your local, community pharmacist and warn them of the dangers of these pills.

Thank you for your partnership in protecting women and their unborn children!

For life,

Ruth Ward
Director – Government Affairs

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