MINNESOTA: Take Action Now—It’s Life or Death!

January 26

Dear Friends,

I am writing about a matter of life or death—literally.

For those who don’t know me, I previously served at Minnesota Family Council advocating for life and family values on behalf of Minnesota families in St. Paul. Now, I serve at MFC’s national ally, Family Policy Alliance.

I was heartbroken to hear from MFC about the devastating abortion bill moving through the Minnesota legislature right now.

The Protect Reproductive Options Act (“PRO” Act) would make Minnesota an outlier in the world—aligned with only countries like North Korea and China—with no legal protection for children in the womb.

No legal protection for the youngest human lives—not even in the 9th month of pregnancy. It’s truly barbaric and has no place in Minnesota.

Tell your legislators to stop the PRO Act now!

As if it weren’t bad enough to destroy infants in the womb, the “PRO” Act would also endanger their mothers. Late-term abortions are far riskier for women, and the bill provides not even basic health and safety standards for women when it comes to abortion facilities or drug protocols.

To advance a rabid political agenda, those championing the “PRO” Act will throw women and their children under the bus.

It gets worse yet. “PRO” Act would also endanger children who are outside the womb. The bill’s sweeping language includes children in their “right” to access abortions and even sterilization, presumably without requiring parental notification or consent. This leaves young girls vulnerable to the whims of traffickers and abusers looking for a “quick fix” to hide any evidence of their abuse.

Tell your legislators to stop the PRO Act now!

This dangerous legislation is moving through the Minnesota Senate NOW.

Here’s where you come in. It’s true that the leadership of the Democratic party relentlessly pushes the abortion agenda and that the Minnesota Senate is Democrat-led. But it’s NOT true that all Democrats are married to the radical, abortion-on-demand, up-to-birth position their leaders have taken.

Only one Minnesota Senator needs to vote against the “PRO” Act for it to be stopped—and that Senator could be yours.

There’s no time to lose and, believe me, it’s worth the 60 seconds to send a message through our action center asking your Senator to VOTE NO on “PRO” Act.

Your voice may be the voice that encourages that ONE Senator to vote no.

Please take 60 seconds to stop one of the most radical abortion policies in the entire country from moving forward in our beloved Minnesota. Minnesota lives are truly at stake.

For life & for Minnesota,

Autumn Leva
Senior Vice President of Strategy