WATCH: Believe in the American Dream Once Again

February 2

Did you know? Today, only 42 percent of the country believe “somewhat” that the current generation will be better off than previous generations. Only 1 in 4 public school students can name George Washington as the first President of the United States.

How did we get here? Tim Goeglein, author of the new book, Toward a More Perfect Union: The Moral and Cultural Case for Teaching the Great American Story, believes it’s due to poor teaching of the American story at home and in the classroom. Today’s youngest generations do not understand or appreciate American excellence because they never learned proper American history to begin with.

What is the solution? In our newest live video, Tim Goeglein, Vice President of External and Government Relations at Focus on the Family, joins Craig DeRoche to talk about how restoring faith in the American dream begins in your local homes, communities, and churches. It starts with you.

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Tim Goeglein’s new book is available online at any major book outlet; however, we encourage you to order from! Use code “FAITHFUL15” at checkout to get 15% off your whole order.

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