Ohio Take Action: Protect Girls’ Sports!

April 18, 2023

Dear Ohio Friends,

We have a request for your urgent help.

The Ohio legislature is considering the Save Women’s Sports Act (H.B. 6), a bill to protect girls’ sports in Ohio. The bill, sponsored by Statesman Academy alum Rep. Jena Powell, protects female athletes from having to compete against biologically male athletes in K-12 education and at the collegiate level.

We need you to encourage your legislators to support it!

Currently, biological males are allowed to compete in women’s sports at every level in Ohio. This denies women and girls opportunities to compete for the scholarships and championships that their hard work deserves. Parents are now concerned for their daughters’ opportunities and physical safety during play.

And now, even elected Ohio Representatives are defending all of this by denying scientific reality.

For example, in this video, Rep. Joe Miller says, “We have to establish, today, in this body, that [transgender women] are not biological males. They are transgender. There’s a huge difference…. Biological males, as you term them, males assigned at birth, who are transgender, are not biological males.”

Along with our friends at Center for Christian Virtue, who have worked tirelessly on this bill, we need your help making sure it becomes law. We need you to send a message to your legislator today urging them to vote “Yes” on H.B. 6 and ensure female athletes in Ohio will not have to compete against men!

Let’s ensure the playing field is level for girls’ sports!  Discrimination against girls in the name of social expediency has no place in Ohio. Send a message to your legislators today requesting that they vote “Yes” on H.B. 6 – it only takes a moment in our using the form below.

Now is the time to speak up to protect girls’ sports in Ohio!

Joseph Kohm
Joseph Kohm III
Director, Public Policy

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