MINNESOTA, Take Action: Stop the Left from Turning Our State into a Gender Transition Orphanage

April 19

A daughter in Arkansas says she wants to “transition” to living as a boy. Her wise and loving parents graciously but firmly say “no.”

What happens next?

If a new bill becomes law in Minnesota, that daughter could seek transgender drugs and surgery, getting court protection to do so – all without her parents’ consent.

According to Minnesota Family Council (our state ally courageously leading the charge against this bill):

“The Minnesota House recently passed HF 146. This bill gives a court of the state custody of kids who want puberty blockers, wrong-sex hormones, or ‘gender surgery,’ if the parent(s) do not allow their child to receive harmful ‘gender-affirming care.’ Now the Minnesota Senate is considering the bill SF63 on FRIDAY.”

This is a serious threat to parental rights and children’s health and well-being in every state.

Fox News has reported on this bill and Minnesota family law attorney Bob Roby was interviewed on Fox and Friends about this legislation.Please send a message to your state senator asking him or her to oppose this dangerous bill.The legislature is determined to make Minnesota gender transition center, with the state taking custody of children from around the country—stripping parents in other states of their rightful and protective custody of their children.

The Senate is set to consider this bill before the end of the week – time is working against us.

Send your message NOW. It takes less than a minute using the form below, and this is a critical threat to parental rights!


Autumn Leva
Sr. Vice President for Strategy

P.S. Our friends at Minnesota Family Council are standing courageously against this bill in St. Paul. If you’d like to join them in person, you can attend a rally opposing the bill on Friday. The rally will happen before the Senate floor session starts at 9 am. Reach out to moses@mfc.org for more details if you want to attend.