April 25

It was March of 1972 when Congress sent an Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) to the states. The text was originally purported by advocates to create legal equality of men and women, but now those left-wing activists have vocally used this to radically promote expanding abortion and other liberal agenda items.

The 1972 resolution required 38 states to ratify this Constitutional Amendment within seven years. Supporters failed to get enough states to support the amendment within the seven years. As a result, the ERA expired. Court decisions have since affirmed that the deadline has passed and the ERA of the 70s is dead.

But now, Democrats in Congress are ignoring the seven-year deadline and attempting to claim that the ERA has been ratified. (It hasn’t.)  Their goal? Enshrine harmful gender and abortion policy into the U.S. Constitution, including ensuring that every state protects abortion on demand until birth. This is a direct assault on state legislatures that have fought hard to protect unborn life and minors seeking gender transitions.

Because “sex” is not defined in the legislation, this would open the door for expanding the definition to include “sexual orientation and gender identity”—something the Biden Administration has supported whenever possible.

How would the Equal Rights Amendment impact everyday Americans?

  • Parental Rights. From social transitioning to classroom instructions, FPA has been sounding the alarm that liberal school boards and teacher unions are silently undermining parental rights, but the ERA would take this to another level by elevating gender ideology over the fundamental rights of parents to direct their child’s upbringing.
  • Religious Freedom. People of faith, including those seeking to foster or adopt, could be forced to comply with a new definition of sex—even if this meant forcing them to choose between their faith and their livelihood.
  • Conscience Rights. Medical professionals would be at risk of being fired if they do not perform abortion, life-altering gender transitions, or other morally objectionable procedures.
  • Women’s Rights. The ERA would jeopardize sex-specific spaces for women in schools, prisons, sports, etc. It would erase protections for women who have fought for decades for anti-discriminatory policies.

The Senate is poised to vote on legislation to advance the Equal Rights Amendment, S.J. Res. 4, THIS Thursday, and we need your help to let your Senators know that they should vote against this harmful legislation.

Instead, Senators should cosponsor S. Res. 107, led by Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith. This resolution recognizes the fact that the 1972 Equal Rights Amendment has expired and any attempt to revive it is not constitutional.

The ERA resolution is unnecessary and has broad ramifications for every aspect of society. Tell your Senators that the ERA is past its prime, and it is time to move on from 1972’s attempts to enshrine dangerous language into the Constitution.


Ruth Ward
Director, Government Relations