She Would Just Cry for Hours on End

April 27, 2023

“Sometimes I would, like, cry for hours on end and I just wouldn’t feel anything other than empty,” said Chloe Cole as she recalls how she felt after years on cross-sex hormones.

By the time she was 12 years old, Chloe Cole felt she should have been a boy – and she had heard that the only solution was to pursue irreversible bodily changes to make her look more like a boy, too. Chloe began taking male hormones and by age 15 underwent a double mastectomy.

Now 18 years old, Chloe has “detransitioned” (returned to living as a girl) and has been bravely sharing her story nationwide to warn others of the harsh reality of “transitioning” as a minor. Her story gives a shocking insight into the dangers of the transgender interventions for minors who struggle to embrace their God-given sex. Stories like Chloe’s are why we say minors need #HelpNotHarm.

She recounted her transition experience at the Social Conservative Conference, where we discussed her story and the need for Family Policy Alliance’s work to protect our children.

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Here at Family Policy Alliance, we’ve been working on this issue since 2017, when we drafted the first version of a bill to protect minors from transgender interventions. We call them “Help Not Harm” bills because we believe that hurting children deserve a chance at real help, not the harm of hormones and surgeries. Now, just this year alone, at least 21 states around the country have introduced Help Not Harm-style legislation to protect children. The movement is growing!

To learn more about this issue and what you can do, be sure to listen in to our conversation with Chloe Cole!

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