Take Action: Biden is Targeting Female Athletes

May 2

A few weeks ago, the Biden Administration announced its plan to target female athletes and the states protecting them.

In other words, the Biden Administration is OK with a male student taking titles, scholarships, and other athletic opportunities reserved for girls.

This proposal is not yet finalized, and the Biden Administration needs to hear from you.

The proposal poses a direct attack on the states that are standing up to Save Girls’ Sports. To-date, twenty states have Save Girls’ Sports laws, which keep girls’ sports just for girls. And, in total, over half of the states (31) have considered similar bills. The Biden Administration’s new proposal is an attack on those states, simply because they chose to stand up for female athletes.

Time is running out to share your voice with the Biden Administration. With just two weeks until the deadline, we need as many Americans as possible to raise their voices. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Just below this message you’ll find a pre-drafted comment you can submit in under a minute! If you have a personal story to share about how women’s sports has impacted you or a loved one, there is a space for you to share that too! The more detailed your message, the better: the Biden Administration has to respond to each unique message. Click here to send a message now.
  2. Share this alert. Forward this alert to friends or use the links at the bottom of this email to share this alert on social media. We need as many people to speak out as possible.
  3. Pray! As believers, we are called to speak the truth. After you have submitted your comment and shared this alert, please pray that the Lord would use your voice and the voices of thousands of others to change hearts and minds!


Together, let’s send a clear message that female athletes deserve a level playing field.

Standing with you,

Meridian Baldacci
Director, Strategy