TAKE ACTION: Stop the Dodgers from Fouling Up Baseball with Woke Drag Queens

May 31

Target and Bud Light apparently didn’t teach the Los Angeles Dodgers any lessons. Target and Bud have lost billions of dollars after catering to the transgender agenda. Bud Light featured a prominent male who identifies as female on their beer cans in an advertisement. Target decided to sell LGBT clothing for children and women’s apparel designed to “tuck” male genitalia.

Both companies forsook their target markets to appease the woke LGBT crowd, and they’ve paid for it with their bottom lines.

The Dodgers, also ignoring fans nationwide who simply want to watch good baseball, decided to host their “Pride Night” over the upcoming Father’s Day weekend. To make matters worse, they opted to invite a drag queen group that openly mocks Christians and Catholics called the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.”

These so-called “Sisters” are known for dressing in highly sexualized versions of Jesus, Mary, and Catholic nuns; using a cross to perform a pole dance; and living by their motto “go and sin some more.”  The Dodgers plan to award this group with the “Community Hero Award.”

Take Action Now – urge the Dodgers to reject the woke agenda

An unintentional admission of truth comes from their own website where the “Sisters” claim they “use humor and irreverent wit to expose the forces of bigotry.” Ironically, their highly offensive performances actually reveal their own bigotry toward Christians, particularly Catholics.

At first, the Dodgers seemed to understand that their invitation to the “Sisters” was a mistake and extremely offensive to Christians in their fanbase, so they uninvited them.

Then, they backtracked after caving to pressure from LGBT activist groups and reinvited the “Sisters,” moving forward with plans to name them “community heroes.”

Senator Marco Rubio, Catholic groups, baseball fans, and even Dodgers players themselves have been speaking out against the Dodgers’ woke moves to honor such a controversial group.

What can we do as the Body of Christ?

Family Policy Alliance has a petition to the Dodgers urging them to reject the woke agenda, restore common sense, and refuse to bestow honor on such a blatantly sexualized and anti-religious group. Drag performances that mock both women and Christians have no place in baseball.

Sign the petition now.

You can add your name to the petition to the Dodgers in less than 30 seconds through our action center, and we will instantly deliver every signed petition to the Dodgers’ email inbox.

Help us flood their inbox with your concerns! The Dodgers clearly haven’t learned from Bud Light’s and Target’s mistakes.