Save 1 Child from the Transgender Trap

August 21

For the Woke Left, if a child hates her body, every medical professional in America should agree with her.

They should tell her that her body is “wrong” for her, prescribe her a cocktail of experimental hormones, sterilize her body before she even knows whether she’d like to have children of her own, and then remove her otherwise healthy (maybe not even developed) breasts and perhaps other body parts as well.

They believe that if she can look more like a man, she’ll be happy and whole—and she will then love her mutilated and altered body.

But it’s all a lie.

We know it’s a lie. Children who have gone through this devastation and “detransitioned” know it was a lie. And doctors not sold into the Woke agenda know that it’s a lie.

But the one-way road to “gender transition” was the only offer most of these deeply struggling children received—until three years ago.

Under the brave leadership of our state ally the Family Council and Representative Robin Lundstrum (an alum of Family Policy Foundation’s Statesmen Academy training program), Arkansas passed the first version of FPA’s model Help Not Harm law in 2021. This law prohibits medical professionals from transitioning children and gives children who have been harmed by these procedures the right to sue to recover damages.

Our friends in Arkansas graciously came back to help train the next classes of Statesmen Academy graduates and more of the state family policy council network in how to protect children from the transgender agenda by passing these Help Not Harm laws. And, we rallied more national allies to help see these laws across the finish lines in states around the nation.

The result? In only three years, the family policy movement went from one state protecting children from transgender experimentation to now twenty states with a version of Help Not Harm in law.

These laws protect nearly 100,000 children who were otherwise at risk of being sent down the one-way road to “gender transition.”

We are so grateful to God for this victory!

But yet, we know that leaves over 200,000 children who still need to be protected in the remaining 30 states.

We’ve done the math. We’ve demonstrated that our movement can save 1 child from the transgender agenda—and a lifetime of regret—for $360.

That’s $30/month or just $1/day.

These remaining 200,000+ children need to know that there’s hope beyond life-altering drugs and surgery.

Fall is when we train allies, lawmakers and others for the next legislative cycle, which begins in most states in January. We are rebuilding resources, equipping states, and preparing to protect these children who have been abandoned to Woke Extremism in the more “purple” and “blue” states. There’s no time to lose!

Will you help us protect one child from a lifetime of regret? If every family “adopted” one child, together we could push back this terrible agenda and give children far more hope and healing than what they find under the needle or the knife.

I can give a one-time gift of $360 for one child!

I can give $30/month for one child

I can protect more children with a one-time or monthly gift.

No child should carry lifelong regret.

Will you help one child today?


Autumn Leva,
Sr. Vice President, Strategy