Pregnancy resource centers should not be discriminated against

August 22

Just this month, Pennsylvania’s Democrat Governor Josh Shapiro announced he is terminating the Commonwealth’s 30-year contract with a network of pregnancy resource centers, mother’s homes, adoption agencies, and charities. For women, this means less ready access to the support they need – and for the organizations impacted, it means less funding to provide support to those same moms in need. This is tragic for the women of Pennsylvania. (If you are in Pennsylvania, you can still send a message to your legislators by clicking HERE.)

But let’s be honest, this is straight out of the Biden administration’s playbook. They have consistently made it their mission to punish pregnancy resource centers and those states that support a pregnant woman’s choice to carry her child.

This year, Biden’s Health and Human Services (HHS) announced it would suspend Oklahoma and Tennessee’s Title X funding—totaling approximately $12 million—because of the states’ pro-life laws.

Title X funds grants for organizations that serve low income families by providing services such as pregnancy counseling. Congress has annually stated that these funds cannot underwrite abortions. Yet, Biden’s HHS continues to subvert federal and state laws with the end goal of funding abortions. This move is nothing short of a willful attempt to bully pro-life states and shift these funds over to Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry.

Thankfully, members of the federal Oklahoma delegation (including Senator James Lankford) sent a letter to HHS in June to shed light on the travesty of cutting this funding. Congressional members in the House and Senate have also just introduced legislation that would end the discrimination of pro-life pregnancy resource centers seeking Title X funding.

Pregnancy resource centers are an irreplaceable part of our communities – each year they provide tens of thousands with millions of dollars’ worth of diapers, clothes, formula, parenting classes, and more. Approximately 60% of the women who come to pregnancy centers initially considering abortion choose to bring their baby to term. Also, 84% of women that have been previously pressured to abort choose to bring their baby to term.

This loss in millions in funding for pregnancy resource centers will result in more abortions and less support for women, babies, and families. Please continue to pray that these women choose life and that states stand strong against the administration’s attempts to exclude pregnancy resource centers from receiving federal funds.

For Life,

Ruth Ward
Director, Government Affairs