Stop Biden’s Agenda from Harming Families in Need

September 5

When you and I think of ways that the government provides services for the American people, we don’t count “advancing dangerous gender ideology” as one of those services. Unfortunately, though, that is what is happening.

The Biden administration is again attempting to redefine “sex” to include sexual orientation and gender identity. This time, Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has released a rule to alter the definition for organizations that receive funding through HHS grants.

HHS’s grants are critically important for families and children that need basic services, such as maternity care and mental health services. It also includes early childhood education services for low-income families through Head Start.

Somewhere along the way the Biden administration decided that it is more important for these non-profits and other organizations to promote transgenderism amongst families and minors than focus on providing necessary services for families in need. That is unacceptable.

More and more states are passing legislation like Help Not Harm to put a stop to transgender interventions of minors, and you are a big part of that success. But now, the Biden administration wants to undermine those efforts by forcing non-profits to promote gender ideology. Please take a moment to tell the Biden administration that you do NOT want HHS grantees to be forced to agree with this radical ideology.

Comments are incredibly important and helpful. If you can share how these types of programs have impacted your life or the lives of those around you, those comments will be even more impactful. The comment portal closes at midnight on September 11, 2023. We started a comment for you, but please take a moment to share a personalized comment by the deadline. It only takes a minute in our Action Center.

Grant funds should be focused on serving families and children that need it the most—not promoting puberty blockers and gender ideology. Tell the Biden administration that you do not want this rule implemented.


Ruth Ward
Director, Government Affairs