Find Out How You Can Beat the Radical Left

September 8

Over the years, we’ve seen incredible victories when parents, grandparents and citizens stand for values in their communities. You have stood together to push lawmakers to save girls’ sports from radical transgender theory in 23 states, protected children from going under the knife in “gender transition procedures” in 20 states, thrown out elected leaders at all levels of government who don’t have the courage to stand for values, and been part of the prayer and legal efforts to protect the lives of countless babies in the womb and their mothers.

If you want to play an even bigger part in this movement – if you want to know how to stand for your family’s values, make schools and communities safe from Woke ideology, and set our nation free from the Woke agenda—you were in our hearts and minds when we prayed and planned to launch the brand-new Social Conservative Academy.

The Social Conservative Academy is designed for all of you—for everyone who desires to be equipped to understand the critical issues facing our families and our nation, how to respond to them, and how to make a real difference.

We believe that you, by God’s grace, are the ones who can stop the radical Left and the Woke ideology infiltrating schools, doctors’ offices, businesses and more.

The Social Conservative Academy (SCA) is completely online, designed for busy moms, dads, grandparents, fulltime businessmen and businesswomen. The SCA will provide short courses on issues like transgenderism and abortion, how to effectively advocate for your values, how to work with people who don’t usually agree with you, and much more.

The SCA is launching with 4 brand-new courses in September, all part of a series called “How to Beat the Radical Left.” These first courses are FREE, but do require registration.

Designed with busy families in mind, each course is only 30 minutes long. Here’s a sneak peek at the first 4 in “How to Beat the Radical Left”:

  1. Grassroots activism changes everything—how it did in Virginia and can in your state, too
  2. Becoming a changemaker—how to effectively advocate your values in the public square
  3. Everyone has a story—how to be a force for change by telling your story
  4. Unlikely allies make an unusual impact—how to win social conservative issues with people you never thought

Courses 1 and 2 are scheduled for September 21st and courses 3 and 4 are scheduled for September 28th.

The first 25 social conservatives to sign up as the very first in America to attend the Social Conservative Academy will also be the first to receive a free copy of our updated and condensed Back to School for Parents—a guide specifically for busy parents to learn about your rights and your children’s rights and how to respectfully advocate for your child in every corner of the school environment.

Secure your Back to School for Parents guide and your spot in the very first courses of the Social Conservative Academy today!

See you online to stop the radical Left!

Amanda Banks
Vice President, Education