We promised help. You prevented harm.

December 13

Five years ago, Family Policy Alliance (FPA) saw the writing on the wall: LGBTQ activists were setting their sights on “transitioning” children from one sex to the other.

We quickly set to work drafting legislation to protect our kids from this extremist ideology and prohibit the use of hormone drugs and gender transition surgeries on children.

Without support to get these protections across the finish line, though, our bills were just ink on paper.

But you stepped up.

With your help, Arkansas was the first state in the nation to adopt FPA’s Help Not Harm legislation in 2021. And thanks to your continued support, 19 more states have adopted Help Not Harm protections for children, including 17 states just this year.

Nearly 100,000 at-risk children have been saved from becoming the Left’s science experiment, and countless more have been spared the social contagion. We celebrate this monumental victory with you, but we’re not done yet. Millions of children still live in states without protections from the LGBTQ agenda.

In 2024, FPA will continue to advance Help Not Harm legislation in as many of the remaining 30 states as possible, as well as lead an alliance of groups pushing for adoption of the Detransitioner Bill of Rights.

The Detransitioner Bill of Rights would rein in rogue states that have allowed transgender procedures to be performed on minors without parental consent, and would require insurance companies to cover the medical treatments of those seeking recovery from transgender therapies.

At Family Policy Alliance, we battle for the mountain top and every hill along the way. Do No Harm policies are the gold standard for protecting children from the Left’s agenda, and legislation like the Detransitioner Bill of Rights will help us protect even more children nationwide.

No hill or mountain top is won alone. Thank you for your continued partnership with Family Policy Alliance. We look forward to our next victory together in 2024!

Joseph Kohm
Joseph Kohm
Director, Public Policy