Are You SoCon Ready?

December 19

There’s no shortage of liberal instruction and even indoctrination for the next generation. The mainstream media, Hollywood, social media, college campuses, and even public K-12 schools offer a constant echo chamber for the Left’s agenda. And thanks to cancel culture, even everyday consumers can be compelled to become activists for the Left.

Activating social conservatives in the battle to win back our culture is more important than ever, and it’s the reason why Family Policy Alliance (FPA) invested so heavily in two very important social conservative resources for you this year.

SoCon Report: Your One-Stop Shop for Social Conservative News

The newly-launched SoCon Report pulls together the most relevant news stories from trusted sources to make it easier for social conservatives like you to stay ahead of the news cycle and get the details on stories the Left would rather bury.

SoCon Report is already becoming a go-to resource for both policymakers and social conservative voters who, like you, reject the mainstream media’s biased reporting.

And if you’re looking for cultural and policy commentary on the go, you can check out the SoCon Report Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts for weekly episodes.

Social Conservative Academy: Because We Can’t Be the Silent Majority Anymore

Did you know that more voters identify as social conservatives today than at any point in the last decade? It’s true, and together we represent a powerful force that can make a difference across the nation.

Social Conservative Academy, the newest training program from our sister organization, Family Policy Foundation, is designed to help social conservatives like you to actively engage in cultural issues. By providing real-world training from national leaders and seasoned activists, social conservatives can gain valuable insight and inspiration to move from being part of the silent majority to becoming an effective voice for positive change.

It’s not hard to be a social conservative, but it can be a challenge to know exactly how to be effective. That’s why we hope you will take advantage of these resources developed just for you!

SoCon Report is the source for the news you need, and Social Conservative Academy will give you the tools you need to take truth to power.

As the 2024 elections approach and voters become increasingly aware of the fight for our culture, both of these platforms will serve as important resources for social conservatives who desire to take their rightful role in making a difference now and for future generations.

God’s blessings as we look ahead to a brighter New Year,

Robert Noland
Director, Audience Engagement