Will you pray for our nation in 2024?

January 3

Dear Friends,

As we begin 2024 and look ahead, there are many topics looming large as major cultural, political and spiritual issues in our country. That’s why we want to start this year inviting you to join the Family Policy Alliance team in prayer for our nation.

Here are four of the most important issues that we are praying over as we have entered into the new year. (Be sure to see the end of this email for an opportunity to join us for prayer in a live online event tomorrow.)


Pro-abortion forces are diligently and persistently seeking to challenge pro-life laws in nearly a dozen states this year by placing the outright legalization of abortion for any reason directly on the ballot. (So far, these are the states facing this challenge: Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New York and South Dakota.) If these efforts follow previous patterns, the abortion industry’s tactics will be dishonest and deceptive. Pro-life voters must push back with the truth and most importantly, show up to vote for life!

We are praying that:

  • That the message of life would prevail in all of these locations and that every deceptive message of the pro-abortion forces would be exposed and confused in its delivery
  • That the dark money funding these pro-death initiatives would fail in all of its efforts and the profit-seeking nature of the abortion industry behind these efforts would be revealed
  • That pro-life voters would become educated and vote on these critical matters in every state where it appears on the ballot
  • That our nation would finally turn the corner in the efforts to eliminate the evil of abortion and lead us to a time when we wonder how we ever let the holocaust of abortion go on for so long

Transgender Agenda

The transgender agenda is fiercely aggressive, and its messages lurk everywhere seeking to entice children into life-long decisions that lead to pain, regret and suicide. The hollow promise to children is one of ultimate self-determination as the solution to the challenges they face. In the end, however, it is a lifetime of dealing with the consequences of denying the reality of God’s creation of them as male or female.

We are praying that:

  • More states would adopt Help Not Harm laws that prohibit transgender procedures for children
  • The truth about the lifelong effects of so-called gender “transition” on children would be revealed and that the very real harm and anguish caused would be acknowledged and understood – including the stories of those who have “de-transitioned”
  • Those who seek to profit from the mutilation of children would be open to hearing the truth and turn from their ways
  • Parents would specifically educate themselves on what their schools are teaching on this topic and that they would speak up when schools become accessories to imposing this agenda and these procedures on children

Parental Rights

Related to the prior topic, parents have, in recent years, become more aware of how schools are pushing numerous harmful agendas on their children. Whether it is transgender indoctrination, critical race theory, normalization of homosexuality or provision of pornography in reading materials, parents must be aware and vigilant when it comes to not only schools, but also doctors’ offices, libraries, social media and the entertainment industry, among many others who actively seek to push harmful ideas and abnormal worldviews on innocent children.

We are praying that:

  • Parents would become active and strategic about confronting schools when questionable material is presented to their children
  • Parents would exercise their rights to remove their children from environments where such material is treated as normal and taught as truth
  • Students would be equipped to discern the truth when confronted with harmful, dishonest agendas and then respectfully be allowed to address those agendas with truth
  • Local governing bodies and lawmakers at all levels of government would recognize parental rights and enact provisions to reaffirm the rights of parents in the bringing up of children


This year brings us to another presidential election. We have seen nearly three years of radicalism, whether it be the taxpayer funding of abortion, attempts to erode religious freedom or the proliferation of transgender mandates throughout the entire federal government. This election has the chance to determine whether or not these dangerous abuses of power will be allowed to continue.

We are praying that:

  • The 2024 election process will reveal the true nature of all candidates seeking to lead our nation and that voters will chose wisely
  • That godly men and women will be elected to Congress and state legislatures regardless of the outcome in the presidential election
  • Outside forces and the media will not succeed in influencing the outcome of this election and that the country would be able to accept the results as reflecting election integrity
  • Our nation makes good choices that will help move our nation toward righteous, biblical values and Godly principles of governance

These are but four issues (among many) that we see as critical for this year and they are just a beginning of where we would invite God’s influence in our culture.

Please add your own prayers to these as we move through the coming months. We encourage you to share these with your family and friends as well as your prayer groups, small groups and Sunday school classes.

You are invited to join us online tomorrow for a prayer livestream as we talk about and pray over these issues as well.

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We hope you can join us tomorrow, but if not, please do keep these things in prayer and watch for periodic prayer updates from us as 2024 progresses.


Robert Noland
Director of Audience Engagement