Here’s What’s at Stake in Your State

January 24, 2024

In a majority of states, the legislature is in full swing, or soon to get started. In the coming weeks and months, lawmakers around the country will gather to decide the future of key issues for families in their states. Many of the issues at stake are ones that are playing out on a national scale, and could have big consequences for families. This year, there’s a major theme of protecting children. Here are 3 specific issues to watch and be praying for:

  1. Protecting children online — and defending parental rights in the process — is on the agenda.Around the nation, lawmakers are getting serious about protecting kids online. One way they’re doing this is by pursuing age verification laws, which prevent minors from engaging with pornography sites and other illicit content online. These laws also prevent big tech companies from preying upon them. And, age verification laws end up empowering parents to protect their children, as wellStanding in contrast are those who are pushing “kidnapping” laws that allow the state to take custody of children whose parents don’t support their intent to “transition.” These laws (in places like California) pose a grave threat to parental rights.Prayer point: Please be in prayer for families in your state, that parents’ God-given rights will be honored and children’s innocence preserved.
  1. Protecting children from medical harm.Last year, America crossed the 20-state threshold for protecting children from dangerous transgender “transitions.” These “Help Not Harm” laws also give victims of transition the right to sue the medical professionals who harmed them.This year, we and our allies in the states are focused not only on expanding the number of states with Help Not Harm laws, but also on expanding protections for victims.Prayer point: Please be in prayer for the protection of children against dangerous gender ideology, for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing for victims, and for boldness and integrity among lawmakers on this charged issue.
  1. Protecting children – and their mothers – from abortion.Though we praise God that Roe v. Wade is no more, the battle against abortion rages on in the states. While many states have banned most abortions, more liberal states have gone in the opposite direction—allowing unfettered access to nearly all abortions, often late in the pregnancy. In both cases – pro-life states and pro-abortion states – there is often a real effort to change the law. Voters in several states will decide on pro-abortion ballot measures this year, even as those who cherish moms and babies continue to fight for them around the nation.Prayer point: Please be in prayer for abortion to become unthinkable in America, and that even as we work in faith toward that day, for lives to be saved in your state and around the nation. Pray also for courage and wisdom for all who are involved in the fight for life, from elected lawmakers to pregnancy center staff to sidewalk volunteers and beyond.

What You Can Do

At Family Policy Alliance, we’re honored to host the alliance of Family Policy Councils, the leaders who are championing your voice on these and other critical issues in states around the country. Day in and day out, they work to advance social conservative principles, stop dangerous agendas that target your family’s values, and bring you into that process. If you haven’t already connected with your FPC, you can find one in your state here. 

Plus, in the weeks to come, be sure to follow along on SoConReport.com, where we post the latest news for social conservatives. It’s your one-stop-shop for updates on the issues that you care about.

Please join us in prayer for the issues affecting families, and for the leaders and lawmakers working to defend your values. And be sure to connect with your state FPC!

Standing together,

Meridian Baldacci
Marketing Strategist



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