UPDATE: Massive Win for Children and Female Athletes in Ohio

January 31

Dear Friends,

We are so excited to share yet another milestone victory with you!

Last week, in a massive win for vulnerable children and female athletes, the Ohio State Senate finished overriding Gov. Mike DeWine’s veto of Substitute House Bill (H.B.) 48, the Save Adolescents From Experimentation (SAFE) Act. In taking this step, the Senate followed the lead of the Ohio House of Representatives which had already voted to override the governor’s veto on January 10th.

The SAFE Act, which is based on our model Help Not Harm bill, will protect vulnerable Ohio children struggling with gender dysphoria from the irreversible harm of so-called gender transition procedures. These dangerous, experimental, and irreversible procedures include mastectomies or “top surgery,” as well as puberty blocking drugs and cross sex hormones.

Ohio is now the 21st state to pass a Help Not Harm bill, and the 5th to take the extraordinary step of overriding a governor’s veto to do so, protecting vulnerable children from these barbaric procedures.

Help Not Harm victory map

The Ohio SAFE Act also protects female athletes from having to compete against biologically male athletes in K-12 education and at the collegiate level.

This part of the bill was written and advocated for by Ohio State Representative Jena Powell, a graduate of Family Policy Foundation’s Statesman Academy. We are so grateful for her enduring, honorable hard work on behalf of women’s rights and opportunities in Ohio athletics. Her work has made Ohio the 24th state to ensure girls do not have to compete against boys in sports.

Save Girls Sports victory map

Along with our allies at Center for Christian Virtue, we want to say THANK YOU for making this victory, and the many before it, possible. These victories are so very important but are only possible because of you and the grace of God.

Help One Child LogoAmerica is in a time of national reckoning with transgender ideology, which is uniquely targeting vulnerable children and women’s opportunities in athletics.

YOU and like-minded people across the nation have been essential to our state-by-state effort to turn the tide and take a stand for children and female athletes.

We pray that you would continue to partner with us on this noble effort to protect the futures of our boys and girls.

For our children,Joseph Kohm
Joseph Kohm
Joseph Kohm III
Director, Public Policy