Do You Know What “Male” and “Female” Mean? Can You take Action Today?

February 15

Dear Friends,

Today’s world can’t seem to define basic biological terms like “male” and “female.”

Infamously, a current US Supreme Court Justice couldn’t even define the word “woman” during her confirmation hearings. And now, the Biden Administration continues to work furiously to erase all distinctions between men and women in federal antidiscrimination law by redefining “sex” to include “gender identity” in Title IX. This will destroy all the protections and opportunities the Civil Rights Act has afforded women since 1972.

We are excited to tell you about new piece of model legislation FPA is proud to endorse: The model Defining Sex Act, written by our friends at the Heritage Foundation.

States can and should fight back against this to protect women and their opportunities, and one of the ways they can do so is to define terms like “men,” “women,” and “sex” in their laws. The model Defining Sex Act does just that, establishing definitions of these terms that are consistent with God’s created order as expressed in biological reality.

Instituting these definitions in your states law is critical to to following:

  • Protecting the rights of female athletes to compete against only girls and women in sports and for athletic scholarships,
  • Guarding women’s private spaces such as restrooms, locker rooms, and changing areas from use by men, and
  • Ensuring a subjective sense of “gender identity” doesn’t replace the important, God-created differences between men and women in the law.

Because of your partnership and efforts, much work has already been done in this area with the passage of 24 Save Girls Sports laws across the country, and that is worth celebrating!

Despite that, the Biden Administrations efforts to change the definition of sex in Title IX continue to threaten all that hard work to protect women’s rights and opportunities. Passing the model Defining Sex Act in states across the country is the next step to solidifying these protections and many others.

For these reasons, FPA is proud to endorse this legislation. You can help by advocating for this important bill to be introduced in your state legislature today.

Take action by sending a message to your legislators today asking them to introduce this bill in your state legislature or, if the bill has already been introduced, to cosponsor it and support its passage.

Click on the button below to send your message today and help us work to get the Defining Sex Act bill moving in your state.

Together, along with our friends at the Heritage Foundation, we will ensure God’s beautiful design of men and women is reflected in our state laws.

Can you help us today?

Sincerely,Joseph Kohm
Joseph Kohm
Joseph Kohm, III
Director, Public Policy